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Parshah Messages

The Emancipation of the Spirit
The Israelites' irrational fear of the Egyptians teaches a powerful lesson...
The Objective Is War
The fledgling nation which left Egypt was in its spiritual infancy, and a return to the bankrupt values of the depraved Egyptian lifestyle was a real risk. War, therefore, had to be postponed for some time . . .
Moshiach: A Return to Monarchy?
The 20th century saw the expansion of democratic ideals on a global scale. How is this preparing us for the Messiah's "monarchy"?
Rationed Food for the Soul
Is distributing equal food portions G-d’s way of demonstrating the importance of absolute equality amongst all humanity -- even at the expense of common sense?
Sweetening the Waters
When there's too much tough love
All too often, well-intentioned discipline estranges children and, instead of prodding them in the right direction, steels their resolve to continue on their ill-chosen path. At what point is "tough love" too much?
What Is Chabad?
Chabad's public image adapts to the times, but what singular core teaching serves as the basis for diverse activities such as meditation, underground schools, and public menorahs?
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