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Beshalach Audio Classes

Parshah Thought: Beshalach
A five minute weekly Torah thought based on the teachings of Chassidut.
Beshalach – Four Squared
When the Jews encountered the red sea and they had the Egyptians closing in behind them, they broke up in to four camps: Where should they go? What should they do?
Torah Gems - Parshah Beshalach
Experience the gems of the Parshah with the classic commentaries, and a kabbalistic twist.
Parshah Insight: Beshalach
minute weekly Torah insight based on the wellsprings of Torah and Chassidut.
The Sea Split
The splitting of the Sea of Reeds is the prototype for all events in history, when G-dliness was made evident: prophecy of sort, a curtain removed, truth revealed.
Basic Parshah - Beshalach
An overview of the weekly Parshah, through the eyes of the many commentators, enriching your understanding of how our great history unfolded.
Reflections – Beshalach
Don’t throw your kids in the river
After the splitting of the sea Moshe led the men in song of praise, then Miriam and the women burst into song even more jubilantly than the men; learn why.
Beshalach - In Depth
An in depth look at the weekly Parshah based on the talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
The Splitting of the Sea
The spiritual significance behind the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea upon the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt.
The Chassidic Dimension - Beshalach
An in depth presentation of Chassidic teachings on the weekly Parshah.
Chumash and Rashi: Beshalach
Parshah with Rabbi Gordon
Parshah Class: Beshalach
Get a detailed overview of the weekly Torah portion sewn together with keen insights and timely life messages.
Beshalach – Song of the Soul
Unravel the mystical dimension of three Talmudic opinions on how the Song of the Sea was sung, and its expression in the unity between Moses and the Jewish people.
An advanced presentation of Chassidic teachings on the Parshah.
M-Cast: Beshalach
Audio | 6:31
M-Cast: Beshalach
Welcome to M-Cast, where we take a look at topics in the weekly Torah portion and see how it relates to the coming of Moshiach.
Two Minute Rabbi: Beshalach
A very short message on the parshah.
Two Challahs for Shabbat
Practical Parshah - Beshalach
A double portion of manna would fall from heaven on Fridays. We discuss the mitzvah of the “double Shabbos loaves” (lechem mishneh) and other customs of the Shabbat meal.
The Personal Parshah: Beshalach
When response is no answer. Look into your life and discover the Parsha within.
Dealing with the Seeds of Doubt
A Taste of Text—Beshalach
Inspiration alone is insufficient. An awakening must be followed by action, or doubt can easily neutralize it.
Amalek and G-d's Name
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Beshalach
After fighting a war with the nation of Amalek, Moses says (Exodus 17:16) “There is a hand on the throne of G-d [swearing] that there shall be a war of G-d against Amalek from generation to generation.” In this verse, G-d's four-letter name is missing the letters vav and hei. What is the connection between the completion of G-d's name and the defeat of Amalek?
Saturday Night
Parsha Beshalach
Saturday night, after Shabbat ends, we eat a special meal called "Melave Malka" (lit. "bidding farewell to the Queen.") What are the sources in Scripture and Talmud for this custom? What are its deeper meanings?
Separate Seating
Audio | 1:13:36
Separate Seating
How to Study Torah - Beshalach
After the miracle of the splitting of the sea, the entire Jewish people broke out into song. Moses led the men and Miriam led the women. What does this story teach us about separation of genders in Jewish tradition?
Parsha Gems: Beshalach
Audio | 1:00:02
Parsha Gems: Beshalach
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
Parshah Insights: Beshalach
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
How to Move Forward Despite Adversity
Life Lessons from Parshat Beshalach
Shortly after leaving Egypt, the children of Israel found themselves in an impossible situation, stuck between the sea in front of them and the Egyptian army chasing them from behind. The proper response contains a powerful lesson in surmounting seemingly impossible challenges.
The Magical Mystical Manna
Parshah Curiosities: Beshalach
What exactly was the heavenly food called manna, and what does it represent? Discover its meaning and relevance for us living in the 21st century.
Inside Joseph’s Coffin
Parshah Curiosities: Beshalach
Upon leaving Egypt, Moses takes the remains of Joseph as they journey through the desert. Why did Moses himself have to get involved in removing it from Egypt? Discover the incredible details of how the coffin was retrieved, and subsequently transported miraculously across the desert. Learn how Joseph’s bones were actually an embodiment of life, rather than death.
Parshah Mnemonics: Beshalach
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Beshalach contains 116 verses and the mnemonic for are words ‘yad emunah’ (hand of faith) and ‘sneh’ (thorn bush). Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah.
Manna and the Day of Rest
Parsha Beshalach
Manna, the bread from heaven consumed by the Jewish people for forty years in the wilderness, is superior to regular bread in three specific ways. These three qualities may also be compared to the qualities of Shabbat, the day of rest. (Based on Likkutei Sichos vol. 16.)
The Mystery of the Manna
Only after a week of eating the manna in the desert did the Jewish people give it a name. Why did they wait that long? In answering this question, this class will explain the deeper connection between manna and the Sabbath, inasmuch that the Jewish people were first introduced to the observance of Shabbat in relation to the way in which they were to partake of the manna. (Likutei Sichos vol. 31)
Secrets of the Splitting Sea
Parsha Curiosities: Beshalach
Discover the fascinating story of what actually took place when the Sea of Reeds miraculously split open.
Rebuke or Response?
Audio | 50:25
Rebuke or Response?
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the Israelites asking for food
When the Jews complain about the food in the desert, the Torah records two responses by Moshe and Aharon. Rashi sees in this a lesson in how to address appropriate and inappropriate expectations (and gives us a glimpse into the relevance of studying Jewish mysticism).
The Never-Ending War
Audio | 51:18
The Never-Ending War
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the statement to battle Amalek
No sooner had the Jews left Egypt, Amalek attacked us. Rashi offers a fascinating insight into G-d’s eternal war on this rogue nation, plus a powerful personal take-home lesson.
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