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Inner Stream


A Night of Opportunity
The righteous and the wicked, the wise and the foolish, the leaders alongside the lay people -- all were running about collecting the treasures of Egypt. One man, however, did not join the frenzy.
Two Loaves of Manna
The three qualities of the manna, and how they apply to us today
The Skeptic
The skeptic can destroy, in an instant, understandings and commitments that take years to establish. What makes it difficult to contend with is his imperviousness to argument or debate. This is the spirit of the Biblical Amalek...
The Circle of Faith
In Times of Crisis
A story is told of a man who was driving about, desperate to find a parking spot. With no spots available, he called out, “Dear G‑d, give me a parking spot and I will pledge a thousand dollars to charity.”
Split Your Sea
Winds blow, waters flow, plants grow. Only two things never change: G‑d, and our immutable faith in Him—a faith that will split your every sea.
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