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A Work in Progress

"Studying the dimensions of the Holy Temple is like building it"

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A Work in Progress: "Studying the dimensions of the Holy Temple is like building it"

The Midrash relates that at the beginning of the Babylonian exile, seventy years before the Jews’ return to Jerusalem, G-d instructed Ezekiel to teach them the dimensions of the Holy Temple, because when they engage in its study, G-d considers it as though they built it.
Tisha B’Av, Holy Temple, Three Weeks, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Rochel Chein for chabad.org August 17, 2014

Women Goldie, the Rebbe was a great advocate of women's involvement in Torah study and Judaism, and he strongly encouraged women to constantly grow in their personal observance as well as teach and share their Jewish knowledge with others. I encourage you to explore some of the Rebbe's teachings on this subject in our women's section at www.theJewishWoman.org. During the Rebbe's addresses, as in this video, many women were in attendance in the balconies surrounding the main synagogue, and there were also addresses specifically for women. Reply

Anonymous July 30, 2014

The only reason you feel that way is because you have been conditioned to react that way Reply

Goldie Wetcher July 29, 2014

B I am reading the current book "Rebbe" so I am pleased to actually see and hear him in this video. As I observed the audience and listened to his words, it appeared that he specifically excluded women. I understand that in Chabad women are excluded from counting in the minyan or being called to the Torah. From my reading I see that the Rebbe was a great advocate of human rights and equality. While I admire and appreciate the Rebbe even more as I read his excellent biography and observe the work of Chabad, I
personally feel alienated by these specific practices. Reply

Jesse California July 29, 2014

Great video! Wow that is a great speech. This is the first time I have actually wished I could have been at many of the Rebbe's religious speeches. I think it could be great if Israel built the temple in this generation. Reply

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