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Space Rabbi, Episode 6


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Space Rabbi, Episode 6: “Astrolatry”

Rabbi Blastoffsky may have found a way home, but at what cost?

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Nechama Tenafly NJ August 14, 2020

Did he make it home Reply

chaim h March 29, 2020

when is there going to be a #7? Reply

mushka maple via chabadmaple.com January 28, 2018

love it Reply

martian mars February 4, 2016

i thought that they would get thrown 75 light years off course?
Please make more Reply

Anonymous louisville, ky October 8, 2015

please make another one!!! Reply

Mushky Goldstein Auckland, New Zealand June 11, 2015

Please make another one!!!!!! Me and my family love these videos keep them coming!!! could you make one where he comes home? and maby you could make one where they find another robbot in space! Reply

Bob mille5r china March 17, 2014

When are you going to post another one?? Reply

Anonymous September 24, 2013

more please continue the story Reply

Anonymous June 24, 2013

It's awesome!
So excited for the next one to come out keep up the great work! Reply

Sara Somewhere June 24, 2013

to moses supposes: i also like evil abe Reply

Merav April 19, 2013

We want more :) Reply

moses supposes Passaic April 7, 2013

haha i like "evil abe" Reply

Anonymous April 3, 2013

so cute! i loved the last part at the end end when ira says "all in favor say'' and any eye comes out of him when he says'' I '' plz continue it!
plz! Reply

yossifogelman natick, massattchusets, usa March 28, 2013

5:56 thru 6:04 that was funny. but erv talk sick a lot. however that was the funniest part of him talking Reply

lego March 22, 2013

make another one PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE make another one Reply

anonymous albany,colonie, usa,NY via old.chabad.org March 18, 2013

i can't end like this please make another one Reply

Space Rabbi fan Akron, OH ( young shliach) March 11, 2013

i'm waiting 4 the next space rabbi! Can you do # 7 already? I love it ;) Reply

lipskiers May 21, 2017
in response to Space Rabbi fan:

we agree!!!!!!!!!!! cliff hangers are not fun!
please post moire when they get home and what happens to the robots on earth !!!! Reply

Anonymous March 11, 2013

:( NO! This is the last episode can't you make at least until episode 10 please and can you please make it a bit longer. Reply

Anonymous ohio March 7, 2013

c'mon i'm sure there will be more right? This can not be a good ending!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous March 7, 2013

good cliffhanger. wish him luck. Reply