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Space Rabbi, Episode 4

“Born Creepy”

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Space Rabbi, Episode 4: “Born Creepy”

I.R.A., the ship’s creepy replicator, stages a mutiny.

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Anonymous tallahassee March 12, 2013

to anounymous no Howard eaglfield dosent live in new york Reply

anonymus via old.chabad.org February 26, 2013

which howard howard eaglefield?? Reply

Howard New York February 14, 2013

Terrible and great Perhaps I shouldn't admit that as a 55 year old I just watched this episode. It's terrible but great. I suppose it doesn't matter how one learns just that one learns, and I did. Reply

Micah Aurora, IL February 14, 2013

Keep them coming! I've tuned in every week--and am eagerly awaiting more. This series is terrific. Reply

Anonymous Israel February 13, 2013

amazing! creative, hilarious- overall great! Keep them coming!!! Reply

Isaac chicago February 11, 2013

Funny and Great I liked when I.R.A actually replicated a real sandwich when he normally gives fake stuff. I also liked when Bernie started talking and the Rabbi realized that Bernie was stuck in the vent. I liked the Torah lesson that you should do good things with what you have. It was great! Reply

yossi February 8, 2013

ohya it's so cool and funny Reply