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Space Rabbi, Episode 5

“Space Madness”

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Space Rabbi, Episode 5: “Space Madness”

When the ship’s oxygen system fails, Rabbi Blastoffsky needs to convince the robots to fix it while fighting off the effects of oxygen deprivation.

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Nechama Tenafly NJ August 14, 2020

Love it 😍 Reply

anonymous December 31, 2014

i'll explain after the oxygen was fixed. then I.R.A. replicated the bear, and that's why he had the bandage on his head, and since the bear hit his head he forgot the lesson. Reply

Z.E. AUST March 12, 2013

He didnt remember He didn't remember because he had no oxygen, not because of the bear!

And yes, the bear did damage him. That's why he had a bandage on his head. Reply

anonymous las vegas March 1, 2013

This may be my favorite so far. The humor is oo so quirky and the lessons so beautiful. Reply

Anonymous February 26, 2013

bear ira was replicating a north american grizzly bear Reply

Anonymous chicago February 21, 2013

oo I meant "oo"! (Force of habit that the "h" got in there.) Just re-read what I wrote when we happily watched episode 5 again. Love the Humanity 101 bit. It isn't just the robots who have just recently been learning to understand humanity through the rabbi's Torah lessons. Yep! The robot's neurocapacitors feel so much better just like we feel when we watch your work! Reply

Anonymous Los Angeles February 19, 2013

What bear? Reply

Anonymous cny February 19, 2013

yes Also, that's why he couldn't remember because the bear hurt him so bad Reply

Anonymous chicago February 18, 2013

"Ooh"! What a fantastic episode! What a great Torah lesson too! This is amazing stuff! The little jokes that may go past some people are also awesome, gives us us all something extra to enjoy each time we re-watch. And each of the robot's characters and the conversations with them are super! Such a brilliant way to surround us with Torah! "Ooh!" Reply

Anonymous February 18, 2013

yes the bear hurt him that is why the white thing was on his head Reply

Anonymous akron February 18, 2013

ya did the bear like damage him? Reply

Anonymous Denver,CO, USA February 17, 2013

Yes, cow udders are kosher. All milk inside becomes fleishig as soon as it's shected. Reply

Anonymous albany,ny, america via old.chabad.org February 15, 2013

did the bear hurt him? Reply