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Space Rabbi, Episode 1


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Space Rabbi, Episode 1: “Pilot”

Rabbi Berel Blastoffsky finds himself stranded in the deep reaches of space, charged with the responsibility of providing spiritual guidance to a group of robots.

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Anonymous Silver Spring MD June 10, 2020

Terriffic! Reply

Yosi Bloom Melbourne Australia September 11, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

The best!! Reply

bohij space January 19, 2020

thank you ravioli rabbi you have helped me Reply

Richard Fielder February 2, 2015

greeeeat I love YOU Reply

Julie Smith Sydney August 20, 2014

You are a very funny person Dovid Taub! I love The Itche Kadoozy Show too!! Reply

Pedro Quezada June 14, 2013

VERY VERY FUNNY !!!!!! WOW !!!!!!
that was really funny ....
i was on the floor.......
good energy!!!

thank you enjoyed it... Reply

Debra Philadelphia April 18, 2013

Great way to learn! How did I miss these? They are wonderful! Please keep them coming! Reply

anonymous colonie new york, usa,NY via old.chabad.org April 3, 2013

please pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase can you make episode 7. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase?! Reply

Anonymous February 3, 2013

I love Star Trek, and I LOVE THIS. Reply

DovBer Naiditch Pittsburgh January 30, 2013

Thanks! Thanks everyone for your kind words! Keep them up! This Spaceship is powered by good vibes! Reply

Anonymous Shallotte, NC January 30, 2013

Just Awesome Rabbi Blastoffsky, that is just the most awesome Jewish last name I've every heard. I've been telling my friends at synagogue about it and sharing the videos on Facebook. It's a great skit, please do keep them coming. Reply

Laura January 30, 2013

I love it I love it Reply

Brian McComas South Point, Ohio via chabaddayton.com January 26, 2013

hahah awesome! Keep them coming! Keep the episodes coming, this was really good and funny. Reply

Ilana January 25, 2013

I love the tie and flight suit combo. Very spiffy. Reply

Shaindy January 24, 2013

That was hysterical! Thanks for the great video that both my kids and I could appreciate! I loved the nods to old sci fi - Star Wars, 2001, Star Trek - and since my kids are obsessed with anything having to do with space, they just loved it overall. Hope to see more of The Space Rabbi! Reply

Doc Holiday January 23, 2013

Are you sure that Space Rabbi isn't a parody of a Mendel Dubov class (watch the latest--The Greeks)? Reply

Anonymous jerusalem January 23, 2013

i love the "malfunction" line- show starts off a bit slow but got better towards the end Reply

izzy buf January 23, 2013

awesome! good lessons taught in good way! rock on! Reply

Doc Holiday January 23, 2013

Life of a Jewish leader! Reply

Anonymous USA January 22, 2013

space Rabbi, Episode 1 Yes it looks like the kind of Stark Trek time ha? Soo primitive. Sorry Rabbi.
But I must say it is a great teaching for the young as well as for the old (65?):) Reply

Anonymous chicago January 22, 2013

this is a great way to show value of learning Torah in a so-called secular environment. it's a viewpoint we don't get to see enough, because we are mostly not aware of how much our Jewish souls are living in exile. beautifully executed Reply