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What is the woman’s role in Judaism? Is G-d a He or a She? And what is the Kabbala’s view on female superiority? The Torah perspective of the Jewish woman.

Paradigms of Feminine Heroes
Peering into the lives of three great biblical personalities, Sara, Rebecca and Miriam we can draw from the infinite reservoirs of feminine courage, perception and indomitable faith to meet the many challenges of today's modern woman
Kabbalah on Female Superiority
The Kabbalistic writings insist that females possess a higher soul of superior quality. How so, and what does this mean to us?
Like Mother, Like Daughter
The innate and intrinsic bond that exists between mother and daughter.
Revealing Your True Identity
Mind Control: The Power of Our Thought, Speech and Action
There are the garments that we wear on our body and then there are the garments that clothe our soul. Join Sara Esther Crispe as we delve into the inner dimensions of our foundational characteristics.
Kabbalah on G-d's Gender
Ascribing any type of human characteristics to G-dl is tantamount to heresy. Yet, the Torah refers to G-d in the male tense; “The Holy One, blessed be HE.” Why isn’t G-d referred to as a woman? Discover the true kabbalistic meaning of “G-d & Gender.”
The Mystery of Beauty
Audio | 1:19:18
The Mystery of Beauty
If, as King Solomon says, ‘charm is falseness and beauty is vain’, then why does the Torah go to such great length to describe the beauty of the matriarchs. What is beauty? And why do we find it attractive?
Not For Women Only
Unravel the enigma of love, marriage and the woman’s role in the world.
Mikvah Purity: For Man or Woman?
An insight into the unspoken awe of the sanctity of women that can be seen in all the laws of family purity and Mikvah.
Gender Roles
Audio | 63:43
Women & Prayer
Gender role in Prayer and in Judaism in general.
Divine Whispers
The story of the great prophetess Chana is read as part of the Rosh Hashanah services. Many of the laws of prayer are derived from Chana’s conduct. But moreover, Chana also reveals the inner essence of prayer.
Challah & Mothers
Audio | 22:44
Challah & Mothers
Preparing, Shaping and Forming Lives
Everyone loves fresh baked challah. But the unique mitzvah for women of challah is much more than just creating delicious bread. Join Sara Esther Crispe as she discusses the meaning of challah preparation, why it is connected to women and the lessons it has for our lives.
The Power of the Jewish Woman
Learn how to thrive – not just survive – in today’s tumultuous world where maintaining a lifelong, healthy, loving relationship is the biggest challenge we face.
The Role of the Jewish Woman
Audio | 42:20
The Role of the Jewish Woman
This class presents the Torah’s perspective on the distinct roles of men and women.
The Feminine Dimension
Mystical Insights into the Three Mitzvot of the Woman
Explore the mystical dimension of the three mitzvoth of the woman—mitzvot upon which the strength of the Jewish nation depends. This series contains esoteric concepts and practical applications for these mitzvoth.
Biblical Women
The Crown of Creation
A deeper kabbalistic look into the stories behind great women who shape our history and heritage.
What Is a Woman's Role in Judaism?
Special mitzvahs of Jewish women and what they mean to us
The unique role of the Jewish woman is described in terms of three archetypical mitzvahs—Shabbat candles, family purity and kosher. How do traditional ideas of Jewish femininity compare to modern feminist ideas about the role of women in society?
Women of the Bible
Audio | 44:36
Women of the Bible
Three paradigms of Jewish femininity
What lessons for our own lives can we learn from studying the lives of biblical women? Learn about three great women from our past: Sarah, Rebecca and Nitzevet.
Thank G-d for Making Me a Woman
Women in Jewish Religious Life
A six-part series tackles the often controversial topic of women's roles in Jewish practice and religious life.
Miriam, Mother of Rebellion
Portraits of Biblical Women
A series of text-based classes on the life of Miriam as illuminated by the Torah, Talmud, Midrash, Kabbalah and other primary sources.
Sarah's Courage
Portraits of Biblical Women
A series of text-based classes on the life of the matriarch Sarah as illuminated by the Torah, Talmud, Midrash, Kabbalah and other primary sources.
The Special Dignity of the Jewish Woman
The inner beauty of hair-covering
In this inspirational talk, Shaindy Jacobson sheds light on the inner dignity of Jewish femininity with personal stories and anecdotes.
Rachel's Story: The Ultimate Mother
Inspiring Jewish Heroines
The Jewish mother is endeared for her qualities of compassion, selflessness and devotion. What is it about our matriarch Rachel that exemplifies even more of these character traits?
Make it or Break It
Audio | 44:16
Make it or Break It
Inspiring Jewish Heroines
The important role women play in either building or destroying their homes, from the wives of Korach and On ben Pelet to stories of today’s women.
Esther: The Courage of One Woman
Inspiring Jewish Heroines
The story of Esther is hidden and obscure, which teaches us how to live with a constant awareness that G-d is guiding us.
Women and Wisdom
Understanding Jewish Customs
A series of classes for women examines the reasons for various Jewish customs and rituals.
Healing Relationships
The Kabbalah of Love
How to foster greater love and empathy in your relationships with others.
The Story of Two Rachels
The heart of the Jewish mother
Learning from the stories of Rabbi Akiva’s wife Rachel and Jacob’s wife Rachel in how to empower Jewish women today. (A talk at the Jewish Women’s Retreat in Toronto in 2015)
The Educator as a Living Model
Reflecting on her life work as an educator on campus, on cutting edge technology, and on the central image of the educator in Chabad's theological teachings, a veteran shluchah gets to the heart of how our own lives transform the lives of others.
Personal Memories of the Rebbetzin
Conference of Chabad Women Emissaries 5773
Louise Hager shares personal memories of her unique relationship with Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her passing.
Living Our Day to Day Lives as a Jewish Woman
What is in the DNA of a Jewish woman? And how can we use these qualities to structure our day to live our lives as better Jewish women?
The True Feminist Revolution
What is male and female energy according to Kabbalah?
After thousands of years of male dominance, the time has come for the feminine era to emerge when feminine energy is appreciated.
Life’s Journeys
A Mystical View on Life’s Greatest Milestones
Explore the life-cycles through the lens of Kabbalah and discover how to use these experiences to their fullest.
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories
In Conversation With Chana
Join Chana Weisberg as she interviews interesting guests with inspiring and enlightening stories.
Mystical Secrets on Prayer and Meditation
Prayer is our opportunity to enter into a dialogue with G-d. But many of us are unfamiliar with the prayers, their meaning, and the actual practice of Jewish prayer. In this series you’ll learn all about the body, soul, and song of prayer, and free yourself to communicate with G-d.
The Kabbalah of Behavior
How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be
The Jewish Zodiac
A journey into the Kabbalah’s world of astrology and what it means in your life.
How to Live a Higher Life
The Rebbe's Special Mitzvah Campaign
The Inside Story
A deeper look delving into the text of the Torah
Feminism and Judaism
Revolutionary ideas Chassidism teaches us about feminism
Lead Like a Woman
Audio | 58:10
Lead Like a Woman
Discover the unique way that women impact change in others as we learn revolutionary ideas chassidus teaches us about feminism.
The Whys of Our Ways
Exploring Jewish customs and traditions
A deeper understanding and exploration of Jewish customs and traditions, and how they have forged us into a more kind and compassionate nation.
It's the Little Things That Count
The month of Elul is a time for introspection. While we may have big plans for change, it's the little things in life that can have a huge impact.