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Parenting & Family

Educating our children is not an easy task. What is the best way to educate our children and place them on the right path? How can my child honor his/her parents whilte still sharing a friendship together? Explore these topics and more…

Parent or Buddy?
Audio | 27:47
Parent or Buddy?
An in-depth look at the precept to honor our parents. Drawing from the stories of the Bible and Talmud we can learn how to create a balanced relationship between parent and child.
Sound Like A Father
Conventional opinion says that children resent parents talking to them as father and mother. The truth is that speaking to them merely as adults is what they resist, not the father and son conversation.
The Skill of Parenting
Audio | 1:09:14
The Skill of Parenting
Practical advice in parenting and educating children with the priority of developing good character.
Jewish Education Today
The best way we can improve our educational system. A look at the soul before it comes down in to this world and when it returns, and the connection between these two stages.
The Youth Rebellion
A basic analysis of education; providing more than just knowledge to bolster intelligence, but also moral strength to build character.
Explaining G-d To Children
There are endless numbers of books by professionals on child-raising and education. This class provides a unique perspective based on the teachings of Chassidut.
Introduction to Family
An outline of the key components necessary for developing healthy relationships with our entire family; parents, spouse and children.
Happiness And Love At Home
Why are joy and happiness so critical in our service of G-d and our relationships? What’s the connection between joy and love and between joy and light?
Parents: Living With The People You Can't Live Without
Getting to like the people we love by pushing ourselves beyond our comfort level.
Creating Healthy Self-Esteem
Seeing the World Through the Child’s Eyes
Good self-esteem and a balanced perception of self are critical for healthy living.
Talking to Kids About Spirituality
A Parenting Workshop
Answering questions like: What is G-d? If I have a soul, why can’t I see it? Where do people go when they die? Is there a heaven and a hell? Why do bad things happen to good people? I did something bad, is G-d angry with me?
Honor Your Mother and Father
A Spiritual View on the Challenges of the Fifth Commandment
This spiritual explanation of why it is so difficult for us to properly honor our parents offers insight into healing intergenerational trauma and coming to peace with issues picked up from one’s family of origin.
Boundary Basics
Audio | 34:17
Boundary Basics
Talking to children about personal safety
Expert educator Rabbi Yakov Horowitz addresses parents’ concerns about how to best protect their children. Moderated and hosted by Rabbi Mordechai Shain, executive director of Lubavitch on the Palisades.
The Challenge of Childrearing
How to Be a Good Parent
Tips for developing self-esteem, setting boundaries, and establishing morality and responsibility in our kids’ lives.
Raising Spiritually and Emotionally Healthy Kids in Today’s World
Inspiring and empowering our children to make the right choices in the face of current challenges.
The Challenges of Today's Youth
An honest look at overcoming the unique challenges of today's youth
Rabbi Chay Amar takes an honest look at overcoming the unique challenges of today's youth, particularly on college campuses.
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