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Unraveling the mystery of love, marriage, and relationships.

Is Love Relevant?
Without kindness love has no body, without respect love has no spirit, without sanctity love has no soul. Three ingredients to everlasting love.
The Comedy of Marriage
One of the primary qualities necessary in marriage is humor; the ability to laugh at oneself. Humor is very important in marriage for it makes us loveable.
Let's Talk Intimacy
Audio | 55:07
Let's Talk Intimacy
Intimacy for Dummies: A light-hearted look at a subject that has caused so much heart break.
The Story of Love
Audio | 1:14:32
The Story of Love
Understanding the components of love gives us a deeper understanding of the emotion itself. It also explains the essential connection between love and our humanity, to love is to be a “mentch”.
Five Relationship Pitfalls
A proper relationship is a blessing, yet people often seem to struggle to get theirs right. Here are five common obstacles that people face in relationships and some practical tips to avoid them.
Does Your iPhone Hate Your Marriage?
Filling in emotional energy leaks
Today more than ever, there are “emotional energy leaks” vying for our attention and time, that damage the special bond we are supposed to have with our mate. How can spouses make sure they are cherishing each other properly?
Serious Humor
Audio | 17:44
Serious Humor
This humorous but serious presentation on love and relationships will entertain and enlighten you - and will surely make you smile.
Intimacy, Modesty And Sexuality
A Total Reverse Look at Conventional Wisdom
After all the books and advice columns offering to explain intimacy, there is still one ingredient missing, without which our relationships are just not what they're meant to be.
Marriage Tips
Audio | 1:11:16
Marriage Tips
Weaving the humorous and practical, learn down to earth tips to attain happiness in marriage.
Joy Brings Intimacy
Audio | 1:05:46
Joy Brings Intimacy
At the giving of the Torah at Sinai we entered into a relationship with G-d – marriage. What is the nature of this relationship and how does it apply to human marriage between husband and wife?
Relationships: Male and Female
Men are from Chessed, Women are from Gevurah
Kabbalah’s formulation of the ten soul powers – the make-up of the human psyche – sheds light on the differences between men and women to help better our relationships.
Intimacy: The Sanctity of Marriage
Jewish Essentials - Part 6
What does Judaism say about marital intimacy? Introduce meaning and sanctity into your marriage with the beautiful observances of mikvah. This class is the sixth lecture of a six-part series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.
A Frank Discussion On Love & Marriage
Have we gone too far in our defiling the human body? Discussing sexuality today in our “new world”.
What is Love?
Audio | 48:02
What is Love?
When one plus one equals one
We all want love. We know it fulfills a basic need in the human experience. Without it we feel miserable and with it we feel elated. But what is it?
The Harmonic Relationship
Harmony is necessary when two people with different personalities want to learn to live together. But how is it created?
Beyond The Male Ego
Audio | 51:09
Beyond The Male Ego
Man's Greatest Fear
Man's need for respect and woman's need for appreciation
A Compelling Kind Of Love
There are two kinds of love: a pleasurable love where one feels good and content and then there’s a compelling love where one feels motivated and compelled to do something. The latter, may be the core and heart of a relationship.
The Sanctity of Marriage
The similarities between marriage on earth and the marriage of G-d and the Jews, reveal the Divine nature of both these unions. Our relationships with G-d and spouse demand modesty, humility and a sense of propriety. These are the building blocks of all intimate relationships.
Your Other Half or Other Whole
A Kabbalistic Understanding of Marriage
How two people can come together to create a new entity while remaining individuals.
The Story of Marriage
Audio | 1:08:25
The Story of Marriage
Marriage may be a good idea all by itself. However G-d prefers to make it a mitzvah. He wants to be our partner in marriage. This makes marriage far greater than a human affair.
Mikvah Purity: For Man or Woman?
An insight into the unspoken awe of the sanctity of women that can be seen in all the laws of family purity and Mikvah.
Life Is Exciting - Part 1
Part 1
Making life more exciting and existence less significant enables us to live more fully and allows us to let other in our life more fully. But what is the difference between life and existence?
Life Is Exciting - Part 2
Audio | 45:44
Life Is Exciting
Part 2
In what way do we dismiss our existence? How does it affect our relationship with our parents, spouse and children? What is teenage rebellion all about and how does the difference between existing and living explain it?
My Mentor, My Parent, My Spouse
The three primary relationships in life
Making Babies - You Only Think You Know
The circumstances in which a baby is conceived contributes greatly to the quality, nature, character and health of the child.
Kabbalah & Human Relationships 1
Rabbi Yaffe teaches the Kabalistic perspective on human interaction, from the most intimate of relationships to the most extrinsic, including the most fundamental relationship; the relationship with oneself.
Kabbalah & Human Relationships II
Rabbi Yaffe teaches the Kabalistic perspective on human interaction, from the most intimate of relationships to the most extrinsic, including the most fundamental relationship; the relationship with oneself.
Marriage and Divorce
Audio | 1:08:28
Marriage and Divorce
When G-d instructs us on how to get divorced, He is demonstrating the qualities we need for a good marriage. He wants us married and to the very person to whom we are married. Yet if you can't do it, He personally supervises the divorce.
The Jewish Perspective on Love & Intimacy 1
Part 1
Discussing with today’s youth the spiritual and pragmatic ingredients that infuse intimacy, love and marriage with purpose, meaning and holiness from the Torah perspective.
The Jewish Perspective on Love & Intimacy 2
Part 2
Discussing with today’s youth the spiritual and pragmatic ingredients that infuse intimacy, love and marriage with purpose, meaning and holiness from the Torah perspective.
Kabbalah on Love and Intimacy
Discover profound Kabbalistic insights on the deeper meaning behind love and intimacy.
Reading Interpersonal Relationships
The Kabbalah on Dealing with Others
The creation of the first man and woman serves as an archetype for understanding phases of estrangement and reunion in marital relationships.
Becoming One with Your Spouse
The Art and Science of Marriage
Rabbi and family therapist, Daniel Schonbuch, examines the indispensable ingredients for a successful husband-and-wife relationship.
The Truth About Love and Marriage
The key to a happy marriage
We’ve heard a lot about a match made in heaven, but what are the real ingredients for a healthy and happy marriage?
Kabbalistic Secrets for Lasting Relationships
A marriage rooted in oneness
The paradox: while G-d is absolutely One, He nevertheless has an overwhelming desire to engage in a relationship with mankind. Understanding this paradox is at the root of free choice and human responsibility, and is the key to healthy marriages that last a lifetime.
Ten Marriage Commandments
A Guide to Domestic Tranquility
Why does passion fade over time? Is there anything that can be done about it? Rabbi Raskin suggests ten practical rules that will improve your marriage.
The Spirituality of Gender
Male and Female According to Chassidus
The different spiritual make-up of men and women illuminates their respective roles in a healthy relationship.
Does Traditional Jewish Dating Make Sense?
Are we dating right? Discover how to refine your search for love.
The Five Love Languages
A chassidic couple tells all
Discover the five key ingredients for a healthy and happy marriage. Rabbi Avraham and Mrs. Goldie Plotkin draw on the Torah’s timeless wisdom and their decades of experience in marriage counseling to demonstrate what’s essential for successful relationships.
The Case For or Against Marriage
The Comedy of Marriage
A hilarious and depth-filled talk on the true meaning of marriage and relationships according to the Torah and Kabbalah.
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