Jewish culture is as old as the religion; selected talks on our wonderful culture and its complements to society.

The Mumbai Terror Attacks: A Jewish Response
How do we view tragedy? What does the wisdom of the Torah suggest our responses be?
An Appointment With G-d
What would you say to a society that enslaves people? What would you say to the South African government that supported Apartheid?
Anti Semitism - A History of Hate
The Rabbi and the Scientist
Explore the ifs and whys of Anti-Semitism with Rabbi Kaplan and Dr. Dov Dumbroff as they journey back in time and explore the “mind of an anti-semite”.
War in Jewish Law
Audio | 59:56
War in Jewish Law
The Jewish perspective on war and the laws, principles and ethics associated therewith.
The Jew and the Non-Jew
This talk explains how a Jew and a non-Jew can recognize their differences and still coexist. It also highlights the unique relationship between G-d and the Jews.
If You're Chosen, Act It
Hasn't our being the "Chosen People" caused anti-semitism than respect? Rabbi Friedman puts the notion of being chosen into perspective by explaining the existence of a heavenly people on earth.
Tell It Like It Is
Audio | 30:55
Tell It Like It Is
Reflections on today’s youth and the necessity to tell it like it is.
Judaism and Morality
Is the morality of today different from the past decades? Exploring the motto of our generation “If it feels good, do it!”
Going Green
Alternative Energy and the Environment
How can the inner dimensions of the Torah direct the search for and harvesting of new untapped supplies of energy for oneself and the world at large?
The Holocaust: Coping Philosophically
Exploring why we feel remorse and rejection towards G-d because of the holocaust? How we can deal with these feelings philosophically
Life, Liberty and What?!
The Torah attitude about freedom and true liberty.
Holocaust Ethics
Audio | 1:24:44
Holocaust Ethics
A discussion with university students probing the fundamental values of society; like how it’s possible for advanced Nazi Germany to have had such a pervasive breakdown of basic morals and ethics.
How Should We Commemorate the Holocaust?
As we reflect upon the horrors of the Holocaust, we ask ourselves what is the most appropriate way to memorialize the six million precious souls who perished in the Holocaust?
Free Speech
Audio | 48:11
Free Speech
Freedom of Speech: How it affects the American and American Jewry.
Who’s Protecting America?
Reflections on September 11th
Is fear itself all we have to fear? A Jewish perspective and plainspoken reflections on the aftermath of the horrific events of 911.
Hurricane Katrina
The good, the bad and the ugly: We examine some mystifying statements of the Talmud to help enhance our understanding and response to events like hurricane Katrina.
Vegetarianism: A Jewish Perspective
It’s hard to imagine a Jewish diet without a good deli sandwich; does Judaism leave room for vegetarianism?
Yiddish is Delish
Audio | 1:14:55
Yiddish is Delish
Discover the Yiddish language, how some of the most frequently used phrases are so well used by everyone, and why some things are best expressed in this uniquely Jewish language. Yiddish is delish!
Rabbi Mendel Show
An in depth look at real life stories and issues and how to resolve them the Torah way.
Miracles and Fate on Floor 78
An incredible firsthand account of a 9/11 survivor that on the morning of the terrorist attack was on the 78th floor and was miraculously saved and transformed forever.
Tikkun Olam: The Rest of the Story
Tikun olam – perfecting the world – is a catch phrase in some Jewish circles. How does Torah interpret it?
The Power of Money in Judaism
Audio | 51:58
The Power of Money in Judaism
Money has two polar characteristics: it could drag you down to the lowest low and it could raise you to the greatest heights.
Kabbalah on the Economic Meltdown
The world is experiencing an economic meltdown of historic proportions, with no end in sight. Jewish mystical traditions teach a mind-boggling idea: that everything occurring in the physical world is caused by a spiritual reality that precedes it.
Spiritual Lessons from Soccer
From the host country of the 2010 World Cup Soccer tournament -- South Africa -- comes a close-up examination of the tournament and its spiritual lessons.
I Am the Son of a Nazi
A journey of discovery and healing from the ruins of the Third Reich
The son of a decorated German officer, Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger was forced at a young age to confront his father’s unbroken allegiance to the Nazis. His journey ultimately led him to convert to Judaism and serve in the Israel Defense Forces. (Filmed at Chabad of the Upper East Side, NYC)
Prison Rabbi Tells All
Audio | 1:02:10
Prison Rabbi Tells All
Chaplaincy with soul behind bars
A veteran chaplain to Jews behind bars shares his experiences, inspiration and advice culled from decades of working with people on the margins of society.
Judaism and the World
An Introduction to Judaism for Non-Jews
A rabbi speaks to a non-Jewish group about Judaism's message to all humankind -- the Seven Noahide Laws.
Welcoming G-d in Sweden
Leah Namdar relates her personal journey from her first recollections of meeting the Rebbe to becoming the Chabad emissary of Sweden to her court case fighting to educate her children with the belief of G-d. Her underlying message is that nobody is too small or incapable to add new light and bring G-dliness into our world.
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
The Jewish Approach to Attaining Joy
This inspirational talk cites contemporary stories and the wisdom of our Sages to describe the Jewish path in pursuing happiness.
My Unexpected Return to Judaism
From comedy stages to the wisdom of the sages
A stand-up comedian for years, Richard Morris unexpectedly found himself on a path toward Jewish observance. Hear him make you laugh as he shares his fascinating journey with excerpts from his book: “Funny You Should Think about a Return to Judaism.”
The Shmooze Radio
Podcasts from the Sunday Schmooze with Rabbi Vigler
Listen to the best of the “Schmooze”, a Jewish radio show in Palm Beach, Florida, featuring Rabbi Dovid Vigler and Mitch Zachary, as they separate fact from fiction and discuss the Jewish view on relevant cotemporary issues with stimulating conversation and engaging interviews.
How All Jews Are One People
Jews are a very diverse people with different perspectives, cultures, and upbringings spread across the globe. It’s been said: “no two Jews think alike”, yet, we are all one people and a united nation. How? This talk was delivered in Toronto, Canada in honor of the first yahrtzeit of Jeff White of blessed memory.
Triumph of Spirit
Audio | 49:25
Triumph of Spirit
A faith based approach to Holocaust education
There’s a glaring void in Holocaust education and scholarship of the values, perspectives and responses of faith-driven Jewish communities. Rabbi Sholom Friedmann shares insight on the incredible phenomenon of believing Jews finding meaning in a meaningless reality of genocide that was perpetrated upon all Jews.
Book Launch: People of the Word
Join the authors for a fascinating discussion on Jewish words that have been mistranslated and misunderstood for centuries, and probe the big ideas and core values embedded in their etymology. A panel discussion with the authors moderated by Rabbi Moshe Scheiner at the National Jewish Retreat in the summer of 2022.