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Chayei Sarah

Eve, Noah, Sarah: Sin, Stupor, Serenity

From the dawn of history, people have been searching for a sense of joy, which is as elusive as it is desirable.
Your Questions
Why the Simple Pine Casket?

By the Numbers
12 Facts Every Jew Should Know About Eliezer

Eliezer, the faithful servant of Abraham, is mentioned by name only once in Scripture, but there is lots to know about him.
8 Bites of Wisdom: Why a Happy Marriage Is Like Matzo Ball Soup

8 delicious, humorous, and insightful tips just waiting to be sampled and internalized.
11 Questions: Women of the Bible Quiz

Take a minute to see how well you know the great women who shaped the destiny of our people.
Jewish Life
A Bar Mitzvah for Diamond Dave

A Hospital Miracle and the Power of a Favor

Unlike the other people in the waiting room, my husband was attentive to the woman’s plight.
The Stolen Ring and the Surprised Thief

“You are young and agile; run after the thief and tell him that he can have the ring as a gift.”
The Sixth Millennium and the Age of Moshiach

If we map time, will we see where it’s leading us?
The Secret to True Love of ... G‑d

We may have knowledge of G‑d’s existence, a general theoretical awareness of it, but if the light is not on, we can stumble.
Jewish News
Letter of the Rebbe
Torah and Geometry

Parallels that are worlds apart
Apple-Cranberry Crisp

A voice is heard on high, lamentation, bitter weeping; Rachel weeping for her children, she refuses to be comforted for her children, for they are not. So says the L-rd: Refrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for there is reward for your work, says the L-rd, and they shall come back from the land of the enemy...
— Jeremiah 31:14-15