As life passes, we are usually happy just to have survived another day. But from time to time we pause to listen to that nagging question in the back of our mind, "What makes me unique in this world? What is my personal mission in life?"

King David proclaims in the Book of Psalms1 "The steps of man are directed by G‑d." Every trip we take and every step we make is guided by His hand. Wherever you end up, you can be sure that that is where G‑d wants you to be. Perhaps it is in order that you study some Torah or say a blessing at this specific place. Or maybe it is in order that others observe you and take a lesson from the way you act.

Additionally, many Talmudic sages had specific mitzvot that they especially cherished and were extra scrupulous in fulfilling. We even find one Sage inquiring of another, "What mitzvah was your father most observant of?"2

So how do you find which mitzvah is yours?

Wherever there is the most good, there is always more resistance. One person may find it relatively easy to say a blessing each time they eat, but finds it difficult to put on Tefilin each day. On the other hand, his friend may find the opposite to be true. If there is a mitzvah that you find especially difficult or challenging, it may well be your mitzvah waiting for you to get involved!

Just as this is true with regards to challenges in life, it is also true concerning the positive aspects in life. We each have our unique G‑d given talents. One may be an amazing teacher while the other a great musician. Find what you are good at and use your G‑d given talent to improve His world.

Wishing you all the best,

Rabbi Yehuda Shurpin