Rabbi, you're telling us that what we need is to light symbolic candles and do a mitzvah. We're talking about a very real threat to our people! We're talking survival of the fittest! Get real!


We Jews sure do mess up the "The survival of the fittest" theory. I mean, what are we doing here? The Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, and Romans.... each of these ancient civilizations were once a super-power of the world. And each tried to destroy us. None of them are still around today. We are.

Mark Twain wondered about this. "What is the secret to their immortality?" he asked. But he couldn't answer. That's because he was looking for a logical answer. There isn't one.

Our survival is 100% supernatural. We have divine protection. A Biblical promise that we'll always exist. An everlasting covenant. And it is our Torah study and Mitzvah observance that strengthens this never-ceasing protection.

Only thing is, G‑d placed our supernatural people in a very natural world. He instructed us to do all the regular things regular people do to protect themselves. And so, security and other forms of self-defense are needed too. But in truth they are just the natural vehicle we put in place through which G‑d can provide His supernatural blessing.

Yes, there are two fronts in a war against evil: One takes place on a physical battlefield where Jews must take necessary precautions as well as urge our governments to recognize the absolute evil that exists and fight against terrorism.

But the most serious front is the supernatural one. This isn't symbolism. It's survival. Every additional Mitzvah makes the world a little bit brighter and our nation more secure.

Now allow me to quote Dennis Prager, who asked the simple question, of one billion Indians, why did the terrorists choose to target a tiny Jewish institution servicing India's smallest community? His answer:

"Statements from Chabad in reaction to the torture-murders of a 29-year-old Chabad rabbi and his wife called on humanity to react to this evil with random acts of kindness. Evil hates goodness. That's why the terrorists targeted a Chabad Rabbi and his wife."

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