I am writing to your organization to express my thoughts and feelings about the recent attacks that took place in Mumbai. I am not a Jewish person, I have never even been to a synagogue. I feel it is terrible that this rabbi and his wife were murdered. I feel sad that we live in a world where such anger and insensitivity exists that human beings can do this sort of thing to each other.

While both sides argue their points in the seemingly never ending Israeli-Palestinian conflict, innocent people die because of this....I think Israeli people and Arab people need to really examine their hearts and find the way to peace. There is no righteousness when innocent people of the world die for this ongoing conflict. Make peace with your enemies and give that love to the world so we can all be the brothers and sisters that we actually are. The issue is not a political or religious one, it is a humanistic issue.


Thank you, _____, for your comments.

Gaby and Rivkah Holtzberg had no problems making peace. They were there to assist the Jewish community of Mumbai of some 4,000 or more, as well as the Jewish travelers and Israeli backpackers who stay in the hotels and hostels of the city. They fed people, taught people, celebrated with them and reached out to whoever they could. In fact, the last talk Rabbi Holtzberg gave was mostly about kindness to animals.

They were cruelly tortured and butchered by wild beasts who had been trained from their youth to kill and destroy.

Why, when you read this story, do you describe it as "conflict"--as though two extremist religious groups are battling with one another?

You say we should make peace with our enemies and give that love to the world. We are doing just that, as we have tried to do for four millennia. Sadly, the world does not return to us that which we have offered them.

I cannot blame you for your attempt to fit this into a procrustean bed of a standard world conflict, brother against brother locked in mutual hatred. That is so much easier to understand. But the hatred the world has always held for those who attempt to bring some light and love into the world, this is far too difficult for any sensitive human mind to understand or to accept.

I hope you will take the time to review the facts as they are. Visit Myths and Facts and Palestinian Media Watch . I am certain, that with an objective, intelligent read, your eyes will be opened.

May the hearts of all men be turned to one another in brotherhood and love, soon, sooner than we can imagine,