Dear Rabbi - I know this has been answered a thousand times but I still cannot get to grips with this type of event.

If hundreds of thousands of Jews were praying for them, and Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka were doing G‑d's work, why take them and hurt their child? Don't get it.

It's not like "well ... that was the Holocaust, or that was during the time of the Bible...that's different" - aren't they meant to be protected?


When Chabad was an underground movement in Communist Russia, activists were being sent to Siberia every second day. Many were tortured in interrogation and left to rot in their prison cells. The same question could have been asked then. The answer would have been the same: Send another rabbi to replace him.

We are not a reasonable people

Sixty years ago, we Jews were given every excuse to drop G‑d and His Torah forever, G‑d forbid. We could have said, "You broke your part of the deal, we are no longer obligated to keep ours. You were not there when we called for You, we will not be here for You."

Many of us did just that. But if you look around you, in any Jewish community in the world, you will see Jews returning to their Jewishness with love and inspiration. That's totally unreasonable. But we are not a reasonable people. We are tied to Him as He is tied to us, and there is just no way out.

A person can decide one of two ways: Either there is no G‑d and whoever is stronger and bigger wins. Or there is a G‑d and He is good—only that we are not so smart to understand all things.

The main thing now is not to ask those questions. The main thing now is to help one another to be strong and rebuild. The orphan needs your help. The Jewish community of Mumbai needs your help. That's where the money we collect will be going. Direct your outrage in a positive path.