The Jewish perspective – as usual... – is twofold.

Love is at the center of many fundamental tenets of Judaism. Love of G‑d, love for one's fellow Jew, love of the Torah, and a general love for G‑d's creatures and His world. Yet just as G‑d has instructed that we love in great and abounding measure, He has also commanded that we hate.

G‑d created the world to comprise an equal balance of good and evil potential and power. There is no doubt that evil does exist today in its blackest form. Our job on this earth is to seek out the good and internalize it; and also to fight evil with all of our being. To fuel that struggle, we must hate the bad. In fact, that is one of the deepest signs of our love for good: just as one would hate a sickness threatening the life of their child.

For more on the Jewish perspective on hate, please see War, a wonderful article by Yanki Tauber.

Malkie Janowski for