G‑d created each person with a specific goal and purpose in mind. There is no "perfect person." No human being can, or should, be judged by anyone else's capabilities or accomplishments.

Think of it as a giant puzzle. Each piece seems tiny, but if even one is missing, the puzzle is not complete. Our world works the same way. G‑d made a universe that needs fixing, and everyone has a piece of the world with their name on it, which only they can refine. Nobody will ever be able to supply your contribution to making the world a better place. Only you can do that. And again, if even one piece is missing, the puzzle is not complete. Without your help, the world can't reach perfection.

Whatever your purpose in life is, G‑d has given you exactly what you need to accomplish it. Not only are any talents you don't have unnecessary for reaching your goal, but they would be detrimental—they would serve as a distraction. Your mission in this world could never be properly achieved under any different circumstances than G‑d provides.

Malkie Janowski for Chabad.org