Written in Hebrew: דויד or דוד
Gender: Male
Language: Hebrew
Meaning: "Friend"
Variations: Dovid, Dovid'l, Dovidka, Dovidke, Devel, Dewil, Tevel, Tevil, Tevele

Biblical, Ruth, 4:13-21. The Biblical name of King David (Samuel I 16:13). Originally a kind and innovative shepherd (The Midrash, Shemot Raba 2:2), when he became king he cared for the Jewish nation in a similar manner. (The Midrash, Breishit Raba 59:5). Known for his sweet voice, constant praise of G‑d, and for authoring the Book of Psalms (The Midrash, Shocher Tov 18:2).

Devel evolved by the elision of the second ד and the adding of the Germanic diminutive el—Davel became Devel. The v-sounding consonant in Tevel can be expressed with either the וו of Yiddish or the ב (Ashkenazi, pronunciation veis). This form of Tevel in writing is not to be confused with the Yiddish diminutive Tevia-Tevel of Tuviah, nor with the female names Teibel and Teibil.

From our master list of Jewish boy's names