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The Meanings of Specific Jewish Names

Did you ever wonder what your Hebrew name means? Over the years, our Ask the Rabbi team has fielded hundreds of such questions. Here is a sampling of their responses.

8 Yiddish Names Actually From Greek and Latin
Ashkenaz was birthed in France and has its roots along the Mediterranean, drawing from older Greek and Italian Jewish communities.
12 Jewish Given Names From the Animal Kingdom
Some of the most common Jewish names mean animals, kosher and not kosher…
Why Am I Named After a Bee?
The Jewish name of Deborah (Devorah)
What Does the Name Shaindel Mean?
The Jewish names of Yafah and Shaina
Shaindel is derived from the Yiddish word “shain” (in German, “schön”), which means “beautiful.” The equivalent name in Hebrew is Yafah.
What Does the Name Hadassah Mean?
The female Jewish name Hadassah is biblical, and was one of the names of Queen Esther, the heroine of the biblical story of Purim . . .
What Does the Name Jonah Mean?
The Jewish names of Yonah and Toibah
The name Jonah, or in Hebrew, Yonah, means “dove.” It is the name of a biblical prophet.
What Does Shalom Mean?
Shalom means peace, and is rooted in the word (shaleim), which means completion. Without peace, there can be no completion.
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