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Insights on Jewish Names and Naming

From the birth of our people until today, our names have had tremendous importance to us and to our Creator. Here are some articles exploring their significance.

My Name Is Miriam
Her response was habit, given to hundreds of names the same morning. It was meant to give me the go. But instead, it stopped me. Did she just call me “Miriam”?
Name and Number
Numbers are the ultimate equalizer. Names identify and individualize. Love does both.
A Nation of Names, Not Numbers
Why name an entire book after the seemingly coincidental use of a word in its opening line? But here lies an important lesson about the Jewish approach to the individual member of the community . . .
Can a Change of Name Create a Change of Destiny?
What influence does your name have on you--on your personality, on your behavioral patterns and on your life choices? Or does it?