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Stories About Jewish Names

From a quaint town in 18th-century Europe to the heartwrenching era of the Holocaust, to the modern-day USA, these stories are sure to entertain and inspire.

All She Remembered Was Her Name
“Listen to me, Mrs. Rosenberg,” her heavy face was flushed with excitement. “Let me take her. Why should she die, the innocent babe? I will care for her as if she was my own. I never had children, you know. Give her to me . . .”
The Doctor's Passionate Name Calling
One morning, when Paul was seven, I received a stat call to the emergency room . . . “Oh G‑d,” I pleaded in my thoughts, “Please, not this one. Not him.”
The Popular Names of the Town's Kids
As they walked, they came across a group of children playing in the sand. The Baal Shem Tov went over to them and said to the nearest one, “What is your name?”