Milk of kosher animals is kosher (provided that it is not eaten together with meat or processed in “meat” utensils or dishes). In theory, cream cheese made from kosher milk is also kosher. However, care needs to be taken to ensure that only milk from kosher animals is used and that only kosher ingredients have been added. For this reason (and others), only cream cheese with a reliable kosher certification may be eaten.

(Also note: Although bagels and cream cheese and lox are known as a classic Jewish brunch food (read why here), bagels, cream cheese, and lox (smoked salmon) must all be certified kosher and produced in a kosher facility in order to be enjoyed by the kosher consumer.)

The same would apply for ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc.

So, is cream cheese kosher? It may be, but be sure to check the label first!