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Kosher Stories

A selection of stories and personal narratives about keeping kosher, the challenges it entails and the benefits it affords.

The Kindness of Young Boys Who Convinced a Camp to Go Kosher
Two camps that my father had contacted that week had already signed on, but everyone assumed that approaching the Hashomer Hatzair camp was an effort in futility.
The Marvelous Mysterious Kosher Kitchen
Recently, I had my first experience preparing kosher food.
The Road to Going Kosher
I didn’t fully understand why non-kosher meat was off-limits, but the ethics behind it—coupled with my appreciation of an animal’s suffering and my acceptance of the Torah’s laws—keeps me from going back to meat that was slaughtered in a non-kosher manner.
Kosher Marks
My daughter was hoping that I'd detect some excuse in the fine print on the wrapper, but I found no visible certification. "I'm sorry, Sarah," I said, handing it back to her after a careful search. "I just don't see any kosher mark."
What Jews Do
She looked me up and down as though I were a bug on a pin. Then she said the words that still reverberate through my mind . . .
A Set of Dishes
Our interests included Jewish "things": JPS books, Chagall prints, and Jewish records. And that was enough for us. Until our visit to Warsaw
Hell's Kitchen
Radical research was required. I could have been a bit more philanthropic, but I needed a visceral rite of passage, not to mention the brief catharsis destruction provides...
Tainted Soup
Ettel burst into tears as soon as she entered the famous scholar's room. She had nine sons, eight of whom were both dedicated and successful in their Torah studies. But she was upset about Moshe-Noach, her fifteen-year-old
The Rabbi and the Ox
One day, the neighborhood butcher came to the study of Rabbi Pinchas Horowitz (1730-1805), the famed rabbi of Frankfurt, with an halachic query...
Challah in India
I know that all are not sustained and nourished here, where I furtively eat behind closed doors. So I expiate my guilt by prayer, and this leads to a new kind of haunting uneasiness
Too Good to Be Good
With a final leap and twist, Reb Shmuel Munkes dumped the roasted lung into the spittoon, and broke out in a merry kazatzka dance.
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