The Kabbalah calls the world we live in the World of Falsehood. Why? Because in this world our five senses experience only the outer veneer of a deeper reality. Not that they are lying to us—just that there is so much more to reality than meets the eye.

For example: Our eyes see a beautiful person—and we discover her to be a liar. So much for "Beauty equals Truth."

Until we get to the other dimension of beauty, internal beauty. In the system of Sefirot (the Kabbalistic description of the attributes of G‑d) Truth and Beauty are the identical SefirahTiferet. Because Tiferet is not external, but internal beauty.

Let me describe Tiferet and you will understand. Tiferet is the third emotional attribute of G‑d. It is a perfect blending and harmonizing of the first two emotional attributes: Chesed—a gushing forth of love—and Gevurah—loving in an appropriate way. When you love uninhibitedly, in a way that perfectly fits the situation, you experience the state of Tiferet.

Tiferet cannot be adequately described – it can only be experienced. Think of a musical instrument. When a musician hears a perfectly tuned musical instrument, he hears truth. The notes sing together. If the instrument goes out of tune, he hears un-truth. It is no longer beautiful; it is no longer true.

We have all experienced moments when life's component parts come together in balance and harmony and we feel G‑d's Truth flow through us. A scientist feels this when she records the last piece of data that proves her elegant hypothesis. A composer experiences it when he matches tone, melody, and rhythm in a way that transcends his conscious intention.

In both these situations they have discovered and tapped into the hidden river of Beauty and Truth that flows through all existence. It is an awe-inspiring moment that can fuel a person for life.

As manifestations of a transitory reality, Beauty and Truth can stand at complete odds. As the deeper aspects of G‑d that flow through Creation, then they are equal.