20 Adar, 5737
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[March 10, 1977]

Sholom uBrocho:

I just received your letter of Adar 16.

To begin with good things, I was very gratified to read that your health is in good order and that you had an enjoyable Purim. I was also pleased to read about the other Simchas, your birthday, the Siyum of the Sefer Torah, and the Opsherenish of Sholom Dov Ber Lew. May there always be many happy celebrations in the family and in the community, in good health and happy circumstances, materially and spiritually.

Now, in regard to your reaction to my letter about Shovuos, I am more than surprised at your attempt to “read between the lines” – not only what is not there, but even what is at variance with what is clearly written in the lines, and, moreover, coming up with totally unwarranted unhappy inferences.

I explained quite clearly that the “joy of Yom Tov” (Mo’adim l’simcha) is a “must” and Mitzvas-asseh of the Torah, and therefore anything that might jeopardise it, is contrary to Torah; especially as the past experience has demonstrated that this is not just within the realm of possibility, but has actually happened.

Needless to say, it had not occurred to me in [my] wildest dreams that you will misunderstand the plain statement as anything personal, not to mention such an absurd suspicion as implying a prohibition of further visits to New York!

Obviously, the whole matter referred solely to Yom Tov, when the factor of Mo’adim l’simcha is a factor. But there are other happy occasions occurring during weekdays, such as Yud-Beis Tammuz, Yud-Shevat, Yud-Tes Kislev and Purim, when – I need hardly assure you – you and Mrs. Jaffe will be more than welcome. During any of these times you can reserve the most convenient hotel in NYC, and there would be no problem of transportation on weekdays.

If you have a tendency to read between the lines – here you have not merely an implied invitation, but an explicit one. I trust that after discussing it with your wife, you will indeed make your visit on one of the special occasions mentioned above that you will find most convenient.

Incidentally, this will resolve also the matter of your Diary, for all that will be required is to change the date from Shovuos to the appropriate occasion.

With all good wishes to you and Mrs. Jaffe and all yours, including especially to have much true Yiddishe Chasidishe Nachas from each and all of your children and granchildren, with joy and gladness of heart.

With blessing,

M. Schneerson