28 Shevat, 5713
[February 13, 1953]

Greeting and blessing!

I was pleased to receive regards from you through Rabbi B.Z. Shemtov. I was especially pleased to hear from him that your business is doing well, thank G‑d. May the Almighty help you that the business should progress from good to better.

In my opinion, however, you should immediately make a resolution, bli neder, to increase your charitable commitments to a bit more than 10% and not wait until you see an additional increase in your business. Rather, you should immediately fulfill the Talmudic dictum, “aser bishvil shetisasher,” which implies that first one gives maaser [tithe] (and one is not particular about the exact sum and gives a bit more) and we can rely on G‑d’s faithfulness to fulfill His promise of ‘tisasher.’ Richness, which the Torah refers to, is richness that is used for healthy, Jewish and happy things. May G‑d bless you.

With blessing for success,

M. Schneerson