Erev Shabbos
Mevorchim Adar 5737
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[February 11, 1977]

Shalom uBrocho:

No doubt you received my regards through the returning visitors, and also heard a report of what has been said and done here – at any rate in capsule form. I hope the message was delivered in a manner of דברים היוצאים מן הלב נכנסים אל הלב ופועלים פעולתם1 so that the response was in kind, in מעשה בפועל2, on the part of all the recipients, including, above all “Mr. Manchester” himself, and will be reflected in the good tidings to which I am looking forward.

All the more so as we are on the threshold of Adar, the month when all good things should be on the increase and beyond all expectations –

עד דלא ידעי (למעלה מטעם ודעת3).

May G‑d grant that you and your co-workers and all of us – individually and collectively, should pursue all the above with growing vigor, in good health, and with joy and gladness of heart, especially as doing things with joy and inspiration is an important ingredient of greater Hatzlocho. Which is also why taking care of one's health is an essential part of Avodas Hashem, as the Rambam ruled:

(היות הגוף בריא ושלם מדרכי ה' הוא הל' דעות ר"פ ד')4.

Wishing you and Mrs. Jaffe consistent good health and much true Yiddish-Chasidish Nachas from each and all of your children and grandchildren, and

With blessing for a good and joyful month of Adar,

M. Schneerson

P.S. For obvious reasons, what follows comes as a separate P.S. and is in reference to your mentioning about the problems of staying in Crown Heights in light of the difficulties you and Mrs. Jaffe experienced on previous visits.

Since it is necessary to book in advance, it is not too soon to examine the prospects of ensuring the amenities that you expect and are surely entitled to.

Regretfully, one cannot expect of another human being to deliver more than he is capable, and Rabbi Y.K. – with all his willingness to take the responsibility – is limited in his capacity. For we have to reckon with the fact that we live in a free and democratic society, and the principles of “freedom” and “equality” have established themselves in many aspects of life in Crown Heights and 770, where, moreover, everyone who has a connection with 770 considers himself a rightful Balebos, etc.

Hence, I doubt very much whether, with all good intentions and best efforts, it would be possible to ensure the amenities which you envisage.

Needless to say, I would like to see that your visit would be pleasant in every respect, and not merely pleasant in some and unpleasant in others.

A further consideration is the weather, which is, of course, quite unpredictable so far ahead, and there could be other unforeseen factors.

With all the above in view, it would seem proper to take recourse in the saying of our Sages to the effect that, where Jews are concerned, “a good thought is deemed as a deed.” And since you have to take a little extra care of your health, as you indicate in your letter, there is every reason for you to be “yotze” with the good thought, and perhaps carry out a “hatoras-neder,” as in the case of a practice that had been done three times.

Thus if, G‑d forbid, Moshiach does not come before Shovuos, each of us will celebrate Kabolas haTorah in his place, in Brooklyn and Manchester respectively, as those in Yerusholayim Ir haKodesh, with the profound feeling and conviction that Jews can be separated only physically and geographically, but in thought and spirit and purpose and practice all Jews are united by the same Torah and the same Yom Tov – and this is the essential thing.

Of course, it would not be right to pressure Mrs. Jaffe to forgo her having a completely enjoyable Yom Tov by spending it here, even if you personally were prepared to “rough it.” Nor would it be right that you and your “second half” should be separated geographically, especially on Yom Tov.

The only point left to be settled is your Diary. Well, in regard to your latest visit, you are surely bringing your Diary up to date and will, hopefully, send me a copy before Shovuos. And as for next Shovuos – a Jew's diary can be summed up by the daily expectation of the arrival of Moshiach (b’chol yom achakeh lo sheyovo5). So we hope and pray that he will come before Shovuos, or at any rate soon after, and bring the true and complete Geuloh.