It is customary to use oil lamps with cotton wicks for the Menorah. If unavailable, use paraffin candles in amounts large enough to burn until ½ hour after nightfall. A beeswax candle is used for the shamash (the candle used to kindle the lights).

(ספר המנהגים חב"ד, מנהג ישראל תורה, תרע"ג ה')

It is the Chabad custom to place the Menorah on a chair, or the like, within the doorway; next to the doorpost opposite the mezuzah. The Menorah should be three handbreadths above the floor and preferably lower than 10 handbreadths.

(תרע"א ו', ספר המנהגים חב"ד, כף החיים אות מ"ו ואם צריך שגם הלהב יהי' בפחות מי' עי' מנהג ישראל תורה תרע"א ג' ונטעי גבריאל)

When kindling the Menorah in a room without a mezuzah, e.g. motel, the Menorah should be placed on the right side of the doorpost.

(סי' תרע"א, סעי' ז')

Those who place the Menorah on a windowsill facing the street should use a Menorah without a backsplash in order not to block the view of the lights from the household members or people on the street.

(שערי הלכה ומנהג ח"ב ע' ער"ד)

It is the Chabad custom to kindle the Chanukah lights after sunset, but before the appearance of the stars. If that is not possible, the lights should be kindled soon thereafter. Others light only after nightfall.

(סי' תרע"ב א', ועי' מ"ב וביאור הלכה)

If one did not kindle the Chanukah lights immediately after sunset, he may light them throughout the night with a berachah, providing some members of his household are awake. If it is after midnight and no members of his household are awake, one should nevertheless kindle but reciting a berachah is questionable.

(סי' תרע"ב מ"א סק"ו, ובאר היטב ושער הציון, אג"מ ח"ד או"ח סי' ק"ה ונטעי גבריאל)

The lights must burn for at least half an hour after nightfall. Before kindling the lights, one should make sure that there is enough oil (or if candles are used, that they are large enough) to last at least 50 minutes. If they are kindled after nightfall, it is sufficient that they burn for half an hour.

(פרמ"ג סתרע"ב א"א סק"ג, ועי' שו"ת ארץ צבי סי' קכ"א)

With the exception of Friday night, one should stay near the Chanukah lights for approximately half an hour after kindling them and study some Torah.

(שערי הלכה ומנהג ע' רע"ז, מנהג ישראל תורה תרע"ב ד' בשם מקור חיים)

If one of the lights goes out within this time, it is customary to rekindle it.

(עי' נטעי גבריאל פל"ז סעי' ד' ובהנסמן שם)

No use should be made of the light shed by the Chanukah lights, such as reading or working by their light.

(שם פל"ז)

It is customary for women not to work during the time the Chanukah lights are required to burn.

(שו"ע סי' עת"ר סעי' א' ועי' נטעי גבריאל פל"ח מה נחשב מלאכה)

On the Friday of Chanukah, the Chabad custom is to recite Minchah early. The Chanukah lights are then kindled (followed by the Shabbat candles). Additional oil (or larger candles) should be provided for these Chanukah lights, to make sure they would last until half an hour after nightfall. Others recite Minchah after lighting the Menorah.

(ספר המנהגים חב"ד, ועי' נטעי גבריאל פמ"ד סעי' ה'. עי' סי' תרע"א סעי' ז' איך להתנהג בביהכנ"ס)

On Saturday night, Maariv should be prayed as soon as possible, so that the Menorah can be kindled at the earliest opportunity. The Menorah is kindled before Havdalah in the synagogue, and at home after Havdalah.

(סי' תרפ"א סעי' ב' ובמ"ב וביה"ל)

The Chanukah lights must also be kindled in the synagogue, but these do not absolve one from kindling the Chanukah lights at home (not even the one who kindles them in the synagogue).

(סי' תרע"א סעי' ז')

In the synagogue, the Menorah is placed on the southern wall, and the lights are kindled between Minchah and Maariv. The Chabad custom is that the chazzan stands with his back to the north. Thus, on the first night, the candle on the west is lit first. In most synagogues, the chazzan stands with his back to the south, thus, on the first night, the easternmost candle is lit first.

(סי' תרע"א, כף החיים ס"ק ס"ט, ומ"ב ס"ק מ"ג)

On the first night, the chazzan recites the three blessings and kindles the candles. It is appropriate that there be ten men in the synagogue when the Menorah is kindled. The chazzan must also kindle a Menorah at home. If he lives alone, he does not recite the blessing Shehechiyanu when lighting the Menorah at home.

(סי' תרע"א סעי' ז' ובשערי תשובה ועי' נטעי גבריאל פמ"ג אודות ברכת שעשה נסים)

Before the morning service, the Menorah is rekindled in the synagogue, but the blessings are not recited.

(פמ"ג סי' עת"ר א"א סק"ב ועי' נטעי גבריאל פ"מ סעי' י"ח)

Kindling Menorah at public outdoor gatherings is a maximum pirsumei nisa and may be done with a berachah. However, all present should be urged not to rely on it for fulfillment of the mitzvah, and kindle in their homes.

(אז נדברו ח"ה סי' ל"ז וח"ו סע"ה)

A mourner during the eleven months of mourning following the death of a parent should continue to lead the communal prayers on Chanukah. However, he should not lead the Hallel.

(ספר המנהגים חב"ד נטעי גבריאל פנ"ה)

An announcement regarding the need to insert V’al Hanissim should be made before the evening service begins and not before the Amidah. One who forgot to make this addition, but realized the error before reciting G‑d’s name in the blessing הטוב שמך..., should recite V’al Hanissim and conclude the blessing again. If G‑d’s name had already been mentioned, one should conclude the Amidah without adding V’al Hanissim.

(סי' תרפ"ב,א)

One who recites the Amidah slowly should not intentionally skip V’al Hanissim in order to be able to respond to Kedushah or Modim with the congregation.

(צ"צ שער המילואים או"ח סי' י"א)