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Where Are Your Dishes? Where Are Your Dishes?
Where is a young couple to turn when they can’t afford their Passover expenses? Mrs. Esther Mentz tells a heartwarming story of kindness and sensitivity (in the year 1957).
Fundraising Manifesto Fundraising Manifesto
Jewish Federations play a valiant role in the collection of funds for Jewish causes worldwide. With this comes the enormous responsibility of allocating the funds appropriately.
The Charity Campaign The Charity Campaign
We live in a time when many Jews – due to no fault of their own – are not aware of Judaism. Therefore, a campaign was launched to ensure that every Jewish home should have a charity box. In this way, even a person uneducated in Judaism who encounters this unfamiliar object will ask what it is about. This will lead him to discover the commandment of charity, which, in turn, will lead him to fulfill many more Mitzvos.
A Promise Fulfilled, Part 2 A Promise Fulfilled, Part 2
True Charity
Almost a year had passed since the Rebbe had assured Reb Gimpel Orimland that he’d return to 770 and be able to give many times more than his previous pledge to charity. Several weeks before his return to 770, however, the fulfillment of the Rebbe’s blessing was yet to be seen. (Late 1960s)
Grabbing the Opportunity Grabbing the Opportunity
Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch, the Rebbe Maharash, would travel extensively throughout Europe and the Russian Empire to advocate for his fellow Jews in Russian lands.
The Rebbe Distributing Charity The Rebbe Distributing Charity
A special collage featuring unique scenes of the Rebbe distributing charity.
Definition of Charity Definition of Charity
“To the poor person it makes no difference where the money comes from. The main thing is that he receives it.”
The Power of Charity The Power of Charity
Rabbi Dovid Shochet recalls a most amazing story that took place following a lecture he had given to students in Buffalo, New York. During his talk, he related a story which took place with a miser who was later revealed to be the secret benefactor of his entire town. After concluding his speech, Rabbi Shochet was approached by a young priest in the audience. Little did he know the impact of the story he had told. (1960's)
Tithes to Riches Tithes to Riches
Video | 5:03
Tithes to Riches
Ami Pykovski recalls introducing designer Maurice Sasson to the Rebbe. Despite a successful career in the clothing business, Sasson was not seeing the returns from his work and turned to the Rebbe for help. (1990)
Do Not Steal Do Not Steal
Video | 22:49
Do Not Steal
The Eighth Commandment
"You shall not steal."
Class 2: Funding Social Services Class 2: Funding Social Services
Election 2012: A Jewish Perspective
Modern governments use their authority to tax their constituents and pay for public works and social services. How did Jewish communities understand their roles in furthering the welfare of the people? What is the Torah view on how a society can express compassion while also teaching individual responsibility?
The Charity Ladies The Charity Ladies
Itche and Jono help two eccentric sisters give tzedakah. Hilarity ensues.
Don’t Give a Dime Don’t Give a Dime
The Essence of Poverty
Reflections on Reflections on "Hayom Yom" Kislev 2
Give life to others before praying for your own sustenance
The One Time You Should NOT Think Positively The One Time You Should NOT Think Positively
Parshat Re’eh
Judaism teaches us to be optimistic and positive, to highlight what we have rather than what is lacking. But here’s one time when this attitude is absolutely destructive.
It’s Not the Thought that Counts It’s Not the Thought that Counts
A short insight on parshat Terumah
What is the right way to give and to receive charity?
Three Mistranslations Three Mistranslations
A 90 second insight on the High Holidays period
Three easy steps to be a better Jew on the High Holidays.
My Thoughts on Charity (part 2) My Thoughts on Charity (part 2)
Maimonides’ 8 levels of charity.
My Thoughts on Charity (part 3) My Thoughts on Charity (part 3)
The four types of people in giving charity described in Ethics of Our Fathers.
When Giving Is Really Receiving When Giving Is Really Receiving
Something Spiritual on Parshat Terumah
A powerful insight on the nature of giving charity can be gleaned from the language the Torah employs regarding the contributions for the mishkan (G-d’s sanctuary).
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