Mendel Shemtov had asked us to return to his home for a meal – at 3:00 a.m.! We refused. (Avrohom Shemtov and many other boys had returned to 770 to review and memorize the maamar that the Rebbe had recited at the farbrengen. They repeated this over and over again, until they were word perfect. By that time it was 6:30 Tuesday morning – just in time for bed!)

On the following day, Tuesday, Shevat 11 (January 20), it was freezing cold. Roselyn took me shopping. The shops were boiling hot – like a furnace. We were coming from the freezing outside, with our winter coats, that we now had to take off and schlep around with us. By the time we finished with the store, we were dripping with sweat and now had to go out to the cold again. (In the summer, I hear, it is just the opposite: outside it is like a furnace and inside the shops, due to air conditioning, it is freezing cold – like a refrigerator).

Wednesday morning, Shevat 12 (January 21), at 8:15, Mendel phoned to inform us that he had arranged a festive party especially for us and it would take place on Saturday night. He disclosed that, at yechidus the night before, there had been forty-two private appointments. They drew lots for turns, it ended with the Rebbe finally leaving 770 for home, at 6:00 in the morning!

We had now been away for over a month. We were not impressed with Manhattan, one tall building after another. The streets were dirty and untidy. We did enjoy the winter sunshine of Miami Beach, but the town was so artificial.

But, we loved to be near the Rebbe. Therefore, we were going to spend our last Shabbos in the US in Crown Heights. Once again, we were offered the hospitality of Sarah and Mendel‘s home.

Mind you, we have been receiving all sorts of invitations from various friends and acquaintances. I phoned an old business associate who now lives in New Orleans and he was very offended when I turned down an offer to visit. (It is about 1000 miles away!) One old friend insisted that we spend our last weekend with them, especially “Friday night dinner.” I am not sure what we are to do or where to go after dinner!

We reckoned that if we accepted all the invitations we had received, we could live in the states FREE for the next five years!

On Friday, Shevat 13 (January 23), we packed up and checked out of our hotel to go to Mendel‘s and Sarah‘s in Crown Heights for Shabbos.

We davened Mincha with the Rebbe. (As usual, there were seven or eight minyonim going on at the same time.)

I couldn‘t hear the chazan at all during Maariv. I assume most people could not hear him too well either. Everyone just davened very slowly ignoring the lack of chazan, except when borchu or other important parts were reached and someone banged on the table for quietness.

Shabbos morning we went to the mikvah on the way to shul. The service commenced as usual at 10:00. I was delighted to receive another aliyah -again chamishi. Mendel was flabbergasted – an aliyah on two occasions within a few weeks! I also said the kaddish following the layning.

Sarah and Mendel had been living at their present apartment for almost six months. They decided to combine their “chanukas habayis” with a melave malka in our honor.

After Shabbos, at about 9:00 p.m., over sixty men had congregated in their home. Roselyn and the ladies were in a separate, adjoining room.

Many of the Rebbe‘s “Big Boys” were present here. Rabbi Kaplan, an old friend of mine from his Manchester days was in “the chair,” in charge of proceedings. Many of the rabbonim of the Lubavitch hierarchy spoke – all about me. I did not recognize myself in the wonderful words and flow of oratory by all of these rabbonim. My “eulogy” was well interspersed with words of Torah. I was really made to feel like a VIP and guest of honor. It was hard to believe that all these wonderful praises were on my behalf. Avrohom Shemtov recited a little of the Rebbe‘s maamar. I was given the honor of bentching after such a lovely feast of rhetoric and of good food and drink. I really could not grumble or complain about my treatment in Crown Heights. From the Rebbe downward, everyone had welcomed us with open arms and given us every honor and friendship.

By 1:30 a.m. we were returning to our hotel in Manhattan. On the car radio we heard a report from the Rabbi of the Israeli armed forces discussing rockets and sputniks. He was concerned about the halachic ruling regarding kiddush levonah (sanctification of the new moon), when flights to the moon would take place. Also, the position regarding Shabbos, when the earth would be encircled over half-a-dozen times a day, one would have the week of seven days in one twenty-four hour period! A Shabbos every day!