On Sunday night, Shevat 16 (January 25) at 10:00, Roselyn and I entered 770 for our second yechidus with the Rebbe. Everyone was thrilled for our sakes, it was such a great privilege to have two private appointments in one visit to New York.

This interview lasted one hour. The Rebbe carried on the conversation just as if we had never left his presence at all (since the first yechidus three weeks ago!). He reiterated his points about higher Jewish education.

For my brother Joe‘s upcoming wedding, he wished us that it be “inn ah mazeldige sho‘oh.” He also wished that another family member, “should report freilicher besuros.”

He hoped we would give his “g‘russ (regards) to London and Manchester.” The Rebbe suggested that I should arrange special meetings, where I would give the personal regards from the Rebbe. He added that Roselyn should address the ladies.

I had no confidence in my ability as a speaker to relate some of the Rebbe‘s sichas to an assembly. “I could speak from my heart, but,” I remarked to the Rebbe, “what about the six hour recording of the Yud Shevat farbrengen? If I could obtain a copy of this tape, with the Rebbe talking for three hours and the niggunim too, then I could make good use of it and bring the Rebbe‘s voice and intonations to the people of England.”

After much discussion, the Rebbe decided to let me have a copy, as this was an exceptional case. This was the first time ever that the Rebbe had not only permitted such a thing to be done, but had actually given the orders. No one would believe this at first. Mendel and Avrohom Shemtov were quite excited and I could not wait to hear Rabbi Shemtov‘s reaction. (It would take a little time to make this copy; what I did not realize then was how much time!)

The Rebbe handed me a special book for Dayan Golditch, one for Dayan Weisz and another one for Rabbi Unsdorfer (my brother-in-law).

The Rebbe also presented me with a Tanya for Avrohom and a siddur for Hindy.

But, best of all, he extended to Roselyn and me the most wonderful brochos (this is besides all the advice he had proffered to us).

The Rebbe said I must not worry about business. “Buy what you can. Government surplus will last for years yet.”

I told the Rebbe about a large income-tax rebate I was claiming from the Government. “It will be okay. Do not be pessimistic about business.”

(We in England do not always realize to what a great extent the Rebbe is involved in the lives of his chassidim. The Rebbe has accepted responsibility for all of them, particularly those in Crown Heights. For instance, Mendel Shemtov was uncertain regarding what action he should take about a certain problem. He asked the Rebbe and he obeyed explicitly all the Rebbe‘s directives. [Rabbi] Faivish Vogel from Manchester had been studying at 770 for twelve months. [Rabbi] Aaron Cousins from Leeds had been there for two years. I asked them what were their plans for the future. They did not know and were not worried, and they were delighted to leave all the responsibility of their future plans to the Rebbe. They knew full well that they were in good hands. So when the Rebbe tells me we will be alright, I am satisfied. He still said I should look for a sideline, but it is not urgent or important.)

And so, with the Rebbe‘s good wishes and blessings ringing in our ears, we bade farewell and took our leave of this saintly, friendly and powerful personality.

One person approached me and asked to make a copy of the tape to send to Australia. I shall do nothing without the Rebbe‘s permission. The only thing is, I feel I cannot let the Rebbe down and therefore, must make full use of this recording. (I heard that once someone recorded a few minutes of the Rebbe speaking and took it to Israel; 2000 people turned out to listen!)

The Rebbe induced one of the students to translate some of the sichas into English for Roselyn‘s benefit. This was done and Roselyn was thrilled and gratified with the results and with the Rebbe‘s consideration for her.