The Rebbe came into the shul for mincha with his usual siddur, which he has been using for well over twenty-five years. The previous Rebbe gave it to him. Actually, the Rebbe has two such siddurim. One he lends to a choson on the day of his wedding with which to daven mincha; the other is the one the Rebbe always uses.

For the past number of years, I often wondered how the Rebbe managed with that siddur. For instance, the sections containing the daily prayers consisted of only loose pages, some of which, during the course of time, had become frayed and withered, especially at the corners.

I have been fascinated over the years to watch the Rebbe delicately turning over these fragile leaves while following the repetition of the shemonei esrei.

I now noticed that this siddur had been completely fixed up and newly rebound. What a painstaking and delicate piece of expert workmanship this must have been!