Menachem Mendel Katsch was in a flap. He had planned to go to a sale of furs, but he had not yet heard back from the Rebbe about which furs he should purchase. You see, he regularly travels to buy these goods, but he always first submits a list of the offers to the Rebbe, who then tells him which ones he should purchase. Katsch buys nothing unless and until the Rebbe tells him to. He maintains that this system is infallible and that when no instructions are forthcoming, he will not even attend a sale.

In the end, instructions came from the Rebbe and off he went to “catch” some furs.

Meanwhile, I walked along Eastern Parkway and saw the usual bevy of ladies waiting against the wall of 770, each clutching her tin box or cup in which to put some coins for tzedokah. I offered the Rebbe’s dollar bill – which I received at yesterday’s farbrengen – to my favorite “lady in waiting.” She was amazed to have received a whole dollar. She was even more astonished when I offered to buy it back from her for five dollars! She thought that either I was mad, or that some trickery was going on. After carefully scrutinizing both banknotes – she took a chance and the five-dollar bill. I was also well satisfied. I had now explicitly followed the Rebbe’s instruction to distribute the dollar to tzedokah, but I was also able to have the dollar back by “redeeming” it.