I met my old friend Tzvi Fisher and gave him a copy of my diary. He was vastly amused; he really is a good friend. He presented me with a lovely and unexpected gift, something that could not be bought at any shop – or anywhere for that matter – for any money. It was a gift that required one thing: mesiras nefesh (self-sacrifice). It was a Tehillim (book of Psalms) that the Rebbe himself had used a few weeks previously.

When the Rebbe joins the minyan for weekday kriyas hatorah (Torah reading), a Chumash and a Tehillim (which the Rebbe uses while the minyan is saying Ashrei and so forth) are provided by someone.

The custom at 770 is that he who has the foresight, quickness, speed and luck places his own book on the Rebbe’s shtender (lectern). After the Rebbe has used them and left the shul, that particular gentleman claims his own book. There is always a huge waiting list. It is not all that simple or easy to be privileged to see your own sefer being used by the Rebbe. In the fourteen years I have been coming here, I have had only one success, and that was when my son Avrohom was too quick for the rest of the competitors.