The following day, Friday, (June 1) was Rosh Chodesh.

One aliyah went to a bar mitzvah boy (we had attended his brother’s bar mitzvah on almost the identical day last year). Young Chaim Dovid Raskin [Laine] also had an aliyah (following which he named his new baby daughter Nechama Dina). The Rebbe had the last aliyah.

Shortly after shacharis, Rabbi Klein beckoned to me. He had a reply from the Rebbe to my letter of the previous evening. Considering that I had left all those letters at 6 o’clock the evening before, with the Rebbe only returning from the ohel at 9 o’clock, and it was now only ten the next morning – and mine were definitely not the only letters waiting for the Rebbe – one must conclude that the Rebbe definitely attends (and replies) to his mail at once, without any delay.

I had written in my letter, among other things, “I hope the Rebbe will enjoy reading my diary.” The Rebbe confirmed this by writing in the margin near that sentence “obviously.”

I had concluded by writing, “I am looking forward to the next twelve days with keen anticipation and pleasure.” The Rebbe underlined the word “days” and wrote in Hebrew, “Have great hatzlocho [success].”

I also received replies to some of the letters of our friends in Manchester who were eagerly and impatiently awaiting their responses.