On Sunday, Sivan 3 (June 3), at 6:30 p.m., we were privileged and honored to be able to pay a visit to the private home of our dear and gracious Rebbetzin. It is always a wonderful experience to which we look forward with keen anticipation. (When arranging these visits, we ascertain that the Rebbe is not going to be present during that time.)

The Rebbetzin expressed surprise that we did not also bring Shmuel with Yossi and Mendel with us. She was expecting them too. We once took Hindy, Shmuel and the children with us to visit the Rebbetzin. All the children were served cold fruit punch in beautiful tumblers. The table was covered with a spotless white cloth. Long before the refreshments were finished, the white cloth was a rich, deep red color (the same color as our faces) and Hindy’s red face had by then turned white.

The Rebbetzin told me I must keep on writing my diaries “biz ah hundert un tzvansik”(until 120). They are very interesting. “People know so little about the things you write about.” The Rebbetzin also said I should distribute my diaries to [beginner] yeshivos like Hadar Hatorah.

We discussed and talked about the Rebbe (whom the Rebbetzin usually refers to as “my husband”), Lubavitch, Manchester, the family and other matters.

We spent an extremely pleasant two hours with the Rebbetzin; they seemed like a few minutes. The Rebbetzin is a wonderful listener and laughs at all the “right” moments. (She laughed heartily at a joke which I am almost certain I had recounted to her a number of years ago. I am quite sure that she knew it, but she was too polite to say so.) She looked very well, “umberuffun,” as she herself would say.

We were delighted when the Rebbetzin asked us to call again “next Sunday at 7:30.”