The following afternoon, Tuesday, Sivan 5 (June 5), a special yom tov gift was delivered to our apartment: a large box with a cream cake inside from our Rebbetzin. How very sweet and thoughtful of her! A prominent sign on the box advised that it should be kept refrigerated. So we removed one of the trays, the soda and other drinks; not enough room yet. So out with the fruit and cookies; still no room! The only alternative would have been to take out our yom tov meals; and the milk, butter, and so forth – or else – yes, you guessed it; we ate up half of the cake straight away, made room in the fridge and filled up our tummies instead.

We met up with Linda Grant – we had been on the same flight coming from England. She is a nice, petite, pretty girl and a friend of Hindy’s. She was beaming. The Brooklyn Lubavitchers cannot allow an exceptionally nice girl from England to remain unattached; shidduchim were being arranged for her all the time.

However, the Rebbe had implied that the time was not yet opportune, so that was that! Now, Linda was a very happy, single and contented girl and in her estimation, the Rebbe went up even higher (if that is possible).

A few years ago another friend of ours from England was visiting America. She was about forty years of age, single and not interested in marriage yet. Nevertheless, her family had arranged a shidduch (match) for her with a much older man, and everyone – but her – seemed tremendously pleased. But when they asked the Rebbe, he said “No!” The girl was absolutely relieved and she blessed the Rebbe, “this wonderful person.” Contrary to popular belief, the Rebbe does not automatically approve any and all shidduchim.