We spent a delightful yom tov davening with the Rebbe. When it came to the singing in shul, my friends Tzvi Fisher and Lou Tiefenbrun helped excellently.

Someone brought along his son who was just over bar mitzvah, but he is a big lad. Whereas everyone shokeled (swayed) back and forth, he went from side to side, with great kavono (intention) and impetus. He was a danger to life and limb and, despite dodging the main attacks, I have still received some nasty bruises for my good neighborliness.

On the first day of yom tov, as usual, the students went marching to Boro Park. I asked someone, “Why Boro Park?” It is a very frum (Orthodox) neighborhood. I was told, “Fish are submerged in water at all times, yet when it rains they will still come to the surface in an attempt to catch a few drops of fresh heavenly water.”

At mincha on this day there were exactly fifteen men present, plus some small children. I imagine the Rebbe is delighted when he sees so few people on these occasions. It means that practically everyone else was out marching!