The entire area around 770 was teeming with people awaiting the return of the Rebbe from the ohel. Within moments of the Rebbe’s car drawing up to the curb the place was absolutely deserted – like a windswept beach after a storm. Roselyn and I were left alone standing about ten yards from 770.

The Rebbe opened the car door from the inside, but had difficulties keeping the door of the car open (due to some seforim (holy books) and a large paper parcel that filled the Rebbe’s arms.) Thank G‑d I had the presence of mind to jump forward and hold the door open. I received a nice “thank you” from the Rebbe for that.

Sh’kiyeh (sunset) today was about 8:20, mincha took place at 9:00 p.m.; another Belzer mincha!

Usually, when mincha and maariv (evening prayers) are davened (prayed) together, it happens closer to mincha time. At the Rebbe’s minyan, it is maariv time.

My friend Sholom Weiss, from Manchester, could not attend this service. He participated at a wedding which his New York hosts had organized and prepared. The marrying couple was being compelled (at the insistent wish of their respective parents) to get married in a non-Orthodox venue in four weeks’ time. However, they really wanted a chupah (wedding canopy/ceremony) true to Jewish custom and tradition. Needless to say, they did not inform their parents of this earlier – more humble but proper – wedding celebration.