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In Modern Times

Why Doesn't Mama Love Me?
From a very young age, Rima noticed that her mother treated her differently than the rest of her siblings, giving her less attention and care.
Reb Yankle
I suppose every twenty-year-old should have an eighty-eight-year-old friend
Bubble Gum
Baruch Israelnaya
Fresh snow covers the ground, thinking I’m too young to know. On the other side of the pit four Russians dressed like railroad or construction workers look me up and down. I try not to look back.
Praying in Kharkov
His one hand held a wooden cane, the other somehow was suddenly on my shoulder. "Can you davven?" he whispered
“Thank you for not revealing that I’m not Jewish,” Kola’s robust voice called out from the front of the car. I was stunned. It hadn’t crossed my mind to introduce my driver one way or another
The Survivor
The Twilight Stranger
"Everything here seems so Jewish, even the non-Jews have something Jewish about them here. Tell me, Senya, what's Jewish about you?" I ask innocently.
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