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The Coming of Moshiach
A Revolution in Human Consciousness
The coming of Moshiach is the fulfillment of G-d's plan for creation that human beings enter an era in which they will all pursue the knowledge of G-d.
Moshiach and the End of Days
The End of What?
What is it that will come to an end in the future redemption, and what will existence be like?
Moshiach-Times: Future Lifestyles
11 Nissan, 5745 · April 2, 1985
Maimonides concludes his code of law, the Mishneh Torah, by describing the era of Moshiach as a time of peace, abundance and enlightenment. All luxuries will be readily available, and yet they will be esteemed in man’s eyes as the dust. As such, we will devote ourselves totally to the study of Torah.
Moshiach-times: Seeing with New Eyes
11 Nissan, 5745 · April 2, 1985
Maimonides concludes his code of Jewish law, the Mishneh Torah: “In the Era of Moshiach… there will be no occupation in the whole world except to know G-d alone. Therefore, the Jews will be great sages, knowing the hidden matters and grasping their Creator to the full extent possible for man – as it is written, ‘For the knowledge of G-d will fill the earth as water covers the sea.’”
Bringing Moshiach Down to Earth
Part 1
When the cannibal loses his appetite, then Moshach has come down to earth and G-d has become its reality….
Moshiach: Where Will the Darkness Go?
Part 2
The Messianic era will bring about the ultimate resolution of good and evil. How will this come about?
A Vision of the Future
As we look forward to the future redemption, let’s examine what the redemption will achieve for our people, the world at large and most important, in bringing the manifestation of the divine presence.
Will the End of Days Bring the End of Mitzvot
By the end of days there will be the awakening of the dead which brings about the question: Will we be obligated in doing the Mitzvot (the commandments) during that time period, and if so how will they be performed.
The Eternal Nature of the Torah
The Talmud teaches that mitzvahs will be nullified in the Messianic age. How do we reconcile this with Judaism’s cardinal principal that Torah is eternal and mitzvahs don’t change? Join us for a detailed discussion on the very nature of Torah.
Resurrection of the Dead
The belief in the resurrection of the dead – one of the thirteen principals of faith – and why it’s so fundamental to our faith.
The Future Expansion of Israel
Audio | 45:13
The Future Expansion of Israel
The inner meaning of the expansion of the Land of Israel in the era of Moshiach.
Resurrection & Ultimate Reward
The Jewish belief in the resurrection of the dead—the climax of the final redemption and the two related views on the ultimate reward for the soul.
Redemption, a Process
Maimonides rules in his Laws of Kings about the times of Moshiach: “Do not think that the world will undergo miraculous changes. The world will continue according to the natural order. And prophecies such as, ‘The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,’ are metaphors.”