Additional Reading

Event or Process?
Skeptic: Why must it be this way? Why must we be in the dark, unable to truly see the fruits of our labor until the entire "process" is complete?
Chapter 36 of Tanya
We already know from our sages that the purpose behind creation of this world is G‑d's desire to dwell in the lowest realms. But what did they mean by lowest?
Who Wants Perfection, Anyway?
Skeptic: There is something about your "perfect" world that is disturbing to me. I, for one, would not surrender my freedom for the sake of perfection!
Onyx or Jasper?
An Angelic Debate
What is the deeper meaning behind the argument regarding the material of which the walls of Jerusalem will be built when Moshiach comes? Is there really a difference whether they will be constructed of onyx or jasper?
Why Take It All So Literally?
Skeptic: You are doing injustice to the idea with your insistence on preserving the concept exactly as the Prophets spoke of it. Why don't you take the gist of what "Moshiach" stands for and discard its out-of-date packaging?
The Act of Knowing
Imagine if everyone saw you as you really are, as you see yourself. And you looked at everyone else and saw them as they see themselves. Our world would be a very different place, wouldn't it?
Perspectives on Authority
There will be no police during the Messianic Era. What then will motivate people to that which is right?
Why a Temple?
Skeptic: To talk about a universal belief in G-d is one thing. But a Holy Temple, with animal sacrifices whose blood is sprinkled on the altar...?
Voice of the Bride
Man and Wife, G-d and the Jews
There will come a time, blessed and welcomed by all, when the feminine will have greater access to transcendent consciousness, and when that happens, she will bestow and man will receive from her...
The Messianic Era
The rebuilding of the Temple, ingathering of the exiles of Israel, universal worship of G-d, universal peace and harmony, resurrection of the dead—culled from classic rabbinic texts.