A person must repent every day. This accords with the Mishnaic dictum “Repent one day before your death, and does a person know the day of his death? Rather, he should repent today, perhaps he will perish tomorrow; and repent tomorrow, perhaps he will perish the day after. Thus, a person should repent all his days.”

The Maharil suggests another reason for daily repentance: “In the messianic era repentance will not be accepted (and analogously converts will not be accepted either, for would-be Jews will not be motivated by the love of G‑d, but rather attracted by the rejoicing of Israel). Since we await salvation every day, one who does not repent before Mashiach comes ‘speedily in our days’ will remain a sinner, G‑d forbid.”

Why repent out of worry and trembling of the day of death? It is better to repent joyfully, anticipating the coming redemption!

(Sichat Shabbat Parshat Vayeilech 5719)