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From the Library

Chanukah Ideas from our Library

A selection of Chanukah insights taken from our site's library section.

Timeless Patterns in Time
The Jewish year, with its holidays and fast days, is a cycle of recurring spiritual influences, with each year bringing a new dimension to the cycle. These essays highlight the spiritual message of the holidays.
Living with Moshiach
Concise adaptations arranged according to the weekly and holiday Torah portions. This volume unites these cogent insights with the well-known chassidic adage, “One must live with the times”—that is, take guidance from the appropriate Torah reading.
Torah Studies
In this collection of lucid adaptations of the Rebbe's talks on the weekly Torah readings and Jewish holidays, each question is not only resolved but also revealed to be the starting point of a major spiritual search...
Keeping in Touch
Every section explores a theme with a telling personal encounter with the Rebbe; a thought on the Torah portion or holiday; and a closing composition to guide the reader from inspiration to action.
Please Tell Me What the Rebbe Said
Ideas from the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe explained to children in a form that they can understand and relate to. Using stories and parables,the book illustrates the Rebbe's thoughts on a child's level.
Likkutei Sichot
Likkutei Sichot (literally, "Collected Talks") contains both the scope and the core of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s teachings, and is the most authoritative source text for the Rebbe's unique, original, and often revolutionary explanation of Judaism.
A Chanukah Discourse by Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch
"Flames" focuses on the multiple images of the lamp; the oil, the wick and the different hues of the flame, in order to express profound guidance in the divine service of every individual: Just as the oil fuses flame and wick, so does the performance of practical mitzvot keep the radiance of the soul kindled upon the body.
Through the Eyes of a Woman
Nechama Greisman's classes on the weekly sidra and Jewish holidays are conveyed through a unique perspective - that of a chassidic woman.
Chanukah and Thanksgiving: A Brief History
In 2013, Chanukah and Thanksgiving will overlap for the first time in almost 100 years. Here’s how it works.
Laws & Lore
From "The Book of our Heritage"
Rabbi Eliyahu Ki-Tov examines the various laws, rituals and customs associated with Chanukah and the lighting of the menorah.
Vedibarta Bam - Chanukah
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