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The Battle

Judaism v. Hellenism

Why did the outnumbered Maccabees fight the Greeks? Is Hellenism so antithetical to Jewish values?

Couldn't the Jews and Greeks Get Along?
They could have learned so much from each other! Instead, the extremists hit the battlefield
The Mudswamps of Hella
What happens when you mix the soil of materialism with the water of spurious reason?
The Beginning of Western Civilization
A great debate about G‑d and man lies at the heart of the West. Athens and Jerusalem still are what they always were--the struggling twins of the western civilization
Does Chanukah Celebrate the Battle or the (Oil) Bottle?
What does Chanukah actually commemorate?
To a mature tree, a gash here or a torn limb there is of little or no consequence. But the smallest nick in the seedling results in an irrevocable deformity
The Significance of Eight
Seven symbolizes the Natural order, eight symbolizes the Super-natural
The Rest of the Story
Historians note that this was the sole occurrence in the career of Antiochus that a people's religious privileges were revoked...
Seeing Lessons
Hedonism and ascetics are two sides of this same Hellenic coin: when the soul (flame) meets the body (wick), either the flame gutters out, or it consumes the wick leaving only formless soot behind...
All's Well – When it Ends
Today is the seeds for all of the "shoulda, coulda woulda" that can become weeds of regret. Yet at times it seems that the flowers that blossom from our choices take too much time to blossom.
Judaism and Science
The Lessons of Chanukah
An in-depth evaluation of the events of Chanukah reveals that the war between the Jews and the Greeks was first and foremost a spiritual war — a clash of cultures. Torah vs. Greek philosophy.
Yehudit and You
The ceremony marking the beginning of the school year was held in a local church. When I went to speak with the college president about this non-inclusive choice of venue, he answered me with a kindly smile . . .
Women at War
The Jewish people—men and women—defied every Greek law with enormous self-sacrifice, yet it was largely by and for the sake of Jewish women that the Maccabees were led to declare war . . .
A Battle of Ideas: Listening or Seeing
Hellenism Vs. Faith
To the ancient Greeks, if something wasn’t seeable or understandable, it simply wasn’t.
Our Many Colored Selves, Our Singular Holiness
if it’s not the skin color or shape of the eyes, what makes a Jewish woman Jewish? What makes her part of the Jewish nation? What makes her different than anyone else? What makes her unique? What is her true beauty?
What lesson can we take from Joseph? Why did Manasseh come first? How does this connect to Chanukah?
The Hypocrisy of Hanukkah? Yes!
Who dares to criticize Chanukah? Luckily I didn’t run out of my free articles for this month (it’s only the 6th), as I was even willing to buy a subscription just to find out!
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