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The Miracle

Light Triumphs

A selection of insights exploring the Chanukah miracle, and its modern-day significance.

The Miracle of the First Night
Does an event need to be miraculous in order for us to celebrate its occurrence? The first night of Chanukah proves that this is not the case.
The Search
Monday I edited a chapter on World War II, Tuesday I was given a collection of essays on 9/11, and Wednesday the subject was Vietnam . . . Then it hit me: the miracle isn’t that they found the flask of oil. It’s that they even searched for it.
The Miracle
Many miracles, great and small, accompanied the liberation of Israel from Hellenic dominance; but there is one particular miracle that is the sum and substance of Chanukah...
Why Don’t Miracles Happen Anymore?
Miracles-the word itself is hazy. Just what is a miracle?Is it a world-shocking event? Or the act of human breathing
Why Is Chanukah Eight Days Long?
Was the miracle seven days or eight days? A question with many answers!
Why the Discrepancy in the Chanukah Prayer?
I noticed that we start off by saying, “We kindle these lights to commemorate the salvations [saving acts], miracles and wonders which You have performed for our forefathers,” but then when it come to the ending, we reverse the order and say.
The Miracle of Turning Darkness into Light
Stereotyping another person is similar to standing on a hillside at night.
Chanukah Forever
There's a leak in the system. Some warriors punched a hole in the box over two thousand years ago, and every year, at this time, it leaks again. We're hoping that this year it won't stop.
Finding G-d in a Bottle of Olive Oil
I wonder if we’ve become so used to miracles that we almost take them for granted.
Why Is Work Permitted on Chanukah and Purim?
The Paradoxical Effect of Deep Light
These days are so special, their energy can reach down into our everyday world and everyday activities and make even that shine. As King Solomon taught, “In all your ways, know G‑d.”
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