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Laws & Lore

From "The Book of our Heritage"

Rabbi Eliyahu Ki-Tov examines the various laws, rituals and customs associated with Chanukah and the lighting of the menorah.

About Chanukah
What is Chanukah? The Rabbis taught: For when the Greeks entered the Sanctuary, they defiled all of the oils used for kindling the Menorah. And when the Hasmonean House prevailed...
Additional Prayers
The special Chanukah prayers and Torah readings.
Working on Chanukah
Working on Chanukah; what is permitted and what not? And why do women practice a special work stoppage while the Chanukah candles burn?
Chanukah Foods
Although festive meals are not prescribed for the days of Chanukah, it is traditional to eat foods that are fried in oil...
Additional Customs
Chanukah gelt, dreidel, and other Chanukah traditions.

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