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Fueling the Light

Why is the holiday of Chanukah so focused on oil? Why is oil so central to the holiday's history, laws and traditions?

The Thing About Oil
New Orleans has long been dry from Hurricane Katrina, yet Prince William Sound is still feeling the effect of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill . . .
Pure Oil
“Ritually pure”—what, exactly, is that? What properties does a ritually pure sample of olive oil have that the others don’t?
Oil and Wine
An inside-out festival
When oil comes in contact with something, it saturates it to the core. When set aglow, oil is the master of understatement
The War Is All About The Oil
Imagine the invading Greek army entering the Holy Temple where gold, silver and precious stones were everywhere to be found, and searching for the... oil!
How can I be a Jew among non-Jews?
I'm the only Jew in my class and struggling with the balance of retaining my Jewish identity while having proper interaction with my peers...
A Lesson from the Greeks
What prompted the priests to burst forth from the Temple gates and lock horns with legions of seasoned soldiers? And why their obsession with spirituality when battling the mightiest legions of the ancients?
The Opportunity in Adversity
The soul, and its innate bond with G‑d, is the only force powerful enough to extricate a Jew from the spiritual morass of Hellenistic Greece.
It’s All About G‑d
What does Joseph have to do with Chanukah? What lesson can we take from Joseph and Chanukah to help us deal with difficult times?
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